Thurles Dwellers Beware Of New Scam

FraudLast evening, here on Thurles.Info, we were contacted by one of our readers, informing us that a new crime, in the form of a scam, had been perpetrated on a Thurles resident.

According to our reader the scam operates as follows; a man runs up behind someone telling them they have dropped some money out of their pocket. The perpetrator of this scam holds out a sum of money in his hand, the latter in the form of a €20, €50 or €10 note.

The criminal will then insist it was you who have dropped the money in question, even though you insist it was not you. He will then ask you to check your wallet. As soon as you do so the criminal will snatch your wallet and run to a car which has conveniently pulled up alongside, before jumping in and then speeding away.

Our reader also states that it has happened to an elderly friend of theirs, as they walked their dog close to St. Patrick’s Cemetery here on the outskirts of the town.

A local police spokesperson at Thurles Garda station has stated that they are aware that this crime has been committed in many areas and warn against any future victims attempting to recover their loss. Instead they should concentrate on taking note of the car Make, Colour and Registration Number and/or take note of the physical details of the perpetrators involved, before immediately reporting the incident to their local Garda station.


2 comments to Thurles Dwellers Beware Of New Scam

  • Michael

    The way it’s gone now, if you don’t know the other person very, very well, you don’t trust them.

  • Gerry

    Carrying a spare old wallet with human feces deposited inside might nip this one in the bud!!

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