Thurles Blood Donation Clinic

give-bloodThurles Blood Donation Clinic

WHERE:  The Dome, Semple Stadium, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

WHEN: Thursday 14th November,  2013.

TIME: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Help Save a Life………GIVE BLOOD

Did You Know ? One car accident victim may require up to 30 units of blood, a bleeding ulcer could require anything between 3-30 units of blood and a coronary artery bypass may use between 1-5 units of blood.
Approximately 70,000 patients will have transfusions in Irish hospitals this year
3,000 blood donors are needed each week in Ireland

For further details check their website www. or contact them on Tel: 061 306980


2 comments to Thurles Blood Donation Clinic

  • Joseph


    You are a bitter little man on this issue again. You cannot always have your own way. The Famine Museum most certainly is not the main attraction in Thurles.This might be your pet project and that is fine. Be more positive to Thurles and leave out the negatives. This was a very good programme and all concerned are to be complimented. Well done to all.

  • George Willoughby

    Joseph perhaps when you choose to comment, which we welcome, you could be so kind as to address same comment to the relevant blog.

    Now with regards to your very personal remarks, which of course you have failed, like most social media cowards, to sign, let me attempt to bring you up to date with the real world.
    Thurles presently has 3 hotels; one is closed, two are in receivership. The shop known as Benetton which has six branches in Ireland, (one here in Thurles) has this week just been given High Court protection against its creditors. This same latter company owes €86,000 to the Revenue Commissioners and debts of €1.4m with United Colors of Benetton, latter being their main creditor.
    Was this mentioned in this “positive” film, which was commissioned by Thurles Town Council using Tipperary Council funding gained from Thurles Taxpayers and paid to a cooperative in Co Mayo. Why had we to go to Nenagh to show our towns heritage?

    Now please name the main visitor attraction in Thurles. Positivity built St Mary’s Famine Museum and yes it is my pet project as was the fountain in the River Suir into which sewage presently flows, as was numerous other projects brought fully to fruition, which I refuse to discuss with faceless people like yourself.

    Finally Joseph, whatever your name or whatever your misguided political affiliations, yes I am “a bitter little man” but for all that I am, unlike you, not living in fantasy land.
    Have the courage of your convictions Joseph and the courage of “bitter little men” like me and stand up for reality and honesty.

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