Raw Sewage Drains Unabated Into Suir River Thurles

While local Councillors and County Councillor get themselves ready to walk that imaginary Hollywood Red Carpet in time for what is described in a press release by Irish TV, as a “very insightful and engaging TV show (about Thurles) on SKY TV channel 191,” this evening (November 7th) at 9.00pm, raw sewage continues to flow unabated into the river Suir, just two metres south of Barry’s Bridge footpath and less than 25 metres from the town’s main shopping arena. Note the toilet paper etc in the picture hereunder.

To my knowledge it has been flowing for a least one week and has gone undetected by Thurles Town Councillors, whom it would appear like our real politicians, rarely take to walking the true town of Thurles these days.


The film crew from IRISH TV, who filmed this epic documentary for this SKY TV 191 channel special, spent four days in Thurles and North Tipperary visiting just some of our iconic tourism sites including Cabragh Wetlands, the Lár na Páirce GAA museum, North Tipperary Genealogy Centre and Museum and Semple Stadium. They also will feature several local business success stories, after filming at Boru Stoves and Colleeney Farmhouse Cheeses.

Note: St Mary’s Famine and War Museum, Thurles town’s main tourist attraction was conveniently left out of the TV companies filming schedule for reasons best known to Thurles Town Council. What is even more surprising is that the latter is the only attraction which has not seen the benefit of any major funding.

Apart from the culture, tourism and business aspects of Thurles, this TV show will also feature interviews with those tasked with keeping Thurles thriving as an important gateway town to Munster.   Thurles Town Mayor, Cllr. Michael Brogan, will state how delighted he is that the film crew chose Thurles as their base location for this show as the town has so much to offer. “Thurles is a town stepped in history and culture and is a fantastic place to live, visit and to do business. This programme on Sky TV channel 191 and on will showcase Thurles to a massive global audience at home and abroad and will be of immense economic benefit going forward,” he will state.

Meanwhile Councillors don’t throw on your smoking jackets or uncork your Henri Jayer Richebourg Grand Cru, Cote de Nuits just yet. Instead grab a few shovels and let’s clear some of the visible sewage, before we sit down to watch what Irish TV describe in their press release as the “amazing ‘can do’ attitude in Thurles,” and it’s amazing “positivity, despite the doom and gloom in other parts of Ireland.”

Meanwhile I will be telling you shortly just how much this positive look at Thurles actually cost you the tax payers and struggling businesses, and who was involved in this wasteful spend, together with naming those whose profile stands to benefit most politically from tonight’s TV exposure. (There must be an election due shortly.)

For those of you who do not have access to SKY TV Channel 191, I understand same will be possibly streamed on over the week beginning this afternoon.

You will also note that almost all the speakers featured in this programme were the beneficiaries, through their various organisations, of large sums of money from Leader, Arts Council grants, North Tipperary Co Council and other County Business Funding Agencies, yet there is not one mention of gratitude from any one of these organisations for the monies received, in some cases, up to 8o% funding. Instead we had individuals presenting themselves as successful in “keeping Thurles thriving,” when if fact we as a community have been reduced to beggars, depending on hard earned taxpayers handouts to simply attempt to survive.

In the meanwhile where is Minister Phil Hogan and Irish Water when you really want them?

Personally I am relieved that Dublin City Council are not sucking water from the river Suir and trust that same is not seeping into domestic supplies at Ladyswell.


3 comments to Raw Sewage Drains Unabated Into Suir River Thurles

  • Michael

    Why has the website not been updated since the 7th of August 2012? The website is owned by the so called progressive Thurles Town Council and was mentioned on the recent Thurles “positive” documentary, recently broadcast on Sky Channel 191. What’s going on with the site?
    I thought I’d be up to date on everything Thurles, but maybe they cannot afford a broadband connection.

  • George Willoughby

    They will probably update it in time for the Local & European elections next May, when they will “spout” about what they will achieve if & when we are stupid enough to elect them again. That is of course subject to there being any people left in Tipperary old enough to vote. If the recommended voting age is reduced to 16 years the smart councillors, like one of our reigning politicians, can run a free teenage Disco in Hayes Hotel. This should generate a few votes, presuming Hayes Hotel still exists by May next year.

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