Ryan Gathering Gets Under Way In Thurles

Ryan GatherThe Ryan Gathering 2013 got under way here in The Source exhibition centre Thurles yesterday evening, officially opened by local councillor Mr Jim Ryan.

The annual event organised by Jane Ryan, is expected to attract large crowds over this coming weekend.

Yesterday’s opening began with a Genealogy Exhibition hosted by Genealogist Cecile Mulcahy.

Amongst those in attendance was Shannon Rugby Football Club member, Munster and Ireland Rugby player Donnacha Ryan, pictured here with (left to right) Jane Ryan (Event Organiser), Karen Berry and Cecile Mulcahy.

Today’s events include an Arts, Craft and Gift Market from 11.00am to 3.00pm, a Genealogy workshop, readings by Donal Ryan, Man Booker Prize Long-listed nominee and author of “The Spinning Heart.”

St Mary’s Famine museum will be open to all visitors from 10.00am – 4.30pm on Saturday and from 1.00pm to 4.30pm on Sunday.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the big attraction will be the visit by the “Wolfetones,” to The Factory nightclub, in Hayes Hotel.

Picture courtesy G.Willoughby.


5 comments to Ryan Gathering Gets Under Way In Thurles

  • Katie.

    Jane. Its Sunday morning here in Australia. And the Ryan’s will be gathering here along with others to celebrate your great event. Hope you get a good crowd. Wish all the Ryan’s from this side of the world could be there with you in person. But we the Ryan Gathering here, will be having a good sing along with a BBQ and a toast to you all in Thurles. Good luck Jane.

  • John Ryan

    Was in thurles and saw no gathering for those days. Lacked everything that an event should have.

  • George Willoughby

    John what were you expecting to see? Hotel charges including accommodation, were the lowest in the country, despite being in receivership.

    Did you visit St Mary’s Famine museum? Attend the opening or check where your name originated? Did you visit any of the local pubs where music was provided? Were you at the Wolfe Tones in Hayes Hotel where the GAA was founded? etc. etc. etc.

    The President of Ireland Mr M.D. Higgins when asked to preside over a “Presidents Command Performance,” refused his invitation claiming he doesn’t attend charity shindigs. We had hoped BONO one of 17 celebs invited, would attend, but alas no !!!

    Thurles has been building slowly a gathering of the Ryan Clans for a couple of years now, with some success and without any major public funding to get it off the ground, unlike Clonmel Junction Festival which received (Arts Grant) €90,000,(Supposed to create huge job opportunities according to TD Tom Hayes) & Terryglass Arts Festival (Arts Grant) which received €10,000.

    All those who were part of this small committee, worked hard and for free, advertising the event where they could. The Gathering 2013 slush fund, as far as I am aware, were certainly not at any financial loss. Tourism marketing and political handouts are just non existent for Thurles. Truth is John, rural central Ireland is slowly wasting away and our national tourism spend is being used solely for activities on our coastal regional events. There is no political will to attempt to create anything particularly in North Tipperary. Our choice of political leadership presently & in the past has been poor to say the least.
    Here in Thurles we are being told to remain “Positive.” We must continue to obtain financial rectitude without any change to the way we do business. It is “The Players” versus “The Citizens” as the Independent Newspaper stated today & we regrettably are numbered as “The Citizens.”

    You have obviously not been following our various campaigns.
    See 3 links:-

    Trust you made a small purchase, adding greatly to our local economy on your recent visit, and well done to those involved in promoting the Ryan Gathering.
    Some of us are trying John & we do apologise for not meeting with your high standards, due to being constantly strangled and totally segregated in all continuous efforts.

  • Katie.

    George. Well we had a great turn out for the Ryan Gathering here. We started off with 48 Ryan’s and ended up by the end of the evening with 126 people of all nationalities. We the proud Ryan’s here are not prejudice when we decide to have such a very special Gathering and trying to promote wonderful Thurles and all it has to offer. Joe Ryan the eldest of our group proposed a toast to Jane for her great inspiration and effort in arranging and promoting the ‘Ryan Gathering in Thurles. Joe has a great sense of humour and made a toast which had us all in stitches for hours. Trish and Seamus Ryan made wonderful Soda Bread. They are well known here for there Soda Bread. We had a great evening and plenty of food and music and not forgetting the Guinness and Irish Whiskey. And plenty of water and soft drinks for people like myself who prefer such drinks on such a wonderful evening. The Ryan and Irish flags flew high that evening.” A great time was had by all. “Thanks Jane for your great effort in bringing the Ryan’s together and I do hope if you do the same next year We will be able to join you in the fun.

  • Katie.

    John. How disappointed you could not find the Ryan spirit on such a great occasion and enjoy all the wonder entertainment on offer. John you are so lucky to have such great places to explore at your fingertips. Thurles has so much to offer and a wonderful place steeped in history? I wish we were there for the Ryan Gathering. I can assure you John we would have been up on the dance floor and singing along with the Wolfe Tones a great Irish Band and one of the best. St Mary’s Famine Museum? has to be up there with the best in the world on Irish History. Come on John and get behind next years ‘Gathering of the Ryan Clan’ Why not start by talking to Jane and work out the best way to raise funds to help them out. That’s what I and my expats have to do here to keep the home fire burning and George is our shining star in helping us to do just that.

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