Tipperary Farmers Warn ‘Your Dog,Your Responsibility’

lamb-killedIn a joint public awareness campaign with the Department of the Environment launched this week, the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) have highlighted the responsibility of all dog owners to be in full control of their dogs at all times, in order to prevent attacks on sheep flocks and the resulting horrific consequences.

The IFA has also given a guarded welcome to the yesterday’s decision by the Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney to introduce mandatory micro-chipping of all dogs. The IFA state that this move by the Minister has an important role to play in terms of dog ownership responsibility, but insist that same will only be effective if it is matched by a comprehensive National Central Database.

The association has also called on Simon Coveney to ensure that there will be no increase in costs to current dog owners, inviting the Minister therefore to scrap current dog licensing, when micro-chipping is eventually introduced.

This public awareness campaign to prevent attacks on sheep flocks was timed to coincide with the 2013 lambing season. The IFA’s National Sheep Chairman Mr James Murphy has warned; “Farmers are in the middle of the peak lambing season, when sheep flocks are particularly vulnerable to dog attacks, especially during the night, let it be known therefore your dog, therefore your responsibility.

In a joint nationwide radio advertising campaign, sponsored by the Department of the Environment, Community/Local Government and IFA, there is a very clear and strong message being sent to dog owners regarding their responsibilities, pointing out how dog owners could be held liable, if their dog is involved in an attack on sheep.


1 comment to Tipperary Farmers Warn ‘Your Dog,Your Responsibility’

  • Mike

    There isn’t much point in having a campaign of awareness when North Tipp have no Dog Warden.
    The Warden retired a few weeks ago and has not been replaced. So here we are in peak lambing season without a Dog Warden to enforce the law.It is only a few weeks ago since a lady was attacked in Tipp Town by two large dogs and suffered injuries and was taken to hospital.The cattle and sheep need to be protected but even more important the People need to be protected. It is only a matter of time before someone gets injured.

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