Thurles St Patrick’s Day Parade 2013

Despite property taxes, threatened water tax, recession, drizzle, hailstones and a temperatures of about 4°C, the world and his mother flocked in their hundreds to view this year’s largest ever Thurles St Patrick’s day parade.

Mitchel House Restaurant got the ball rolling, serving up large portions, free of charge, from a large roasted pig which turned on a spit in the centre of Liberty Square. Latter I hasten to add was quickly consumed faster than the bible’s reported feeding of the five thousand, and all to the wonderful music of Dermot Lyons on accordion.

His Grace, Dr Dermot Clifford, Archbishop of Cashel & Emily, as is customary, got the parade started with a short prayer and so the 2013 Thurles St Patrick’s Parade began.

Former local FG Councillor Mai Quinn took to the microphone, to introduce each of the floats as they passed the reviewing stand.

Partaking in this years parade were the reigning Rose of Thurles, RTE’s Wanderly Wagon (including Godmother & O’Brien. No sign of  RTE, they appear not to film outside Dublin City any more, unless we murder someone, which is not a regular occurrence ), TV3’s Vincent Brown (interviewing Ming Flanagan amongst others ), Bo the Ursuline TY student cow, a political remorseful Laurel & Hardy (“Another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into!” ), together with numerous schools & business establishments from within the town and from villages on the outer perimeters – just to name a few.

Seven fabulous marching bands also took part including my own personal favourite, The Clonmel Marching Band (Banna Chluain Meala ), latter so disciplined and displaying such perfect co-ordination in their dance movements.

The recent horse meat scandal was a popular theme throughout the parade, which demonstrates Ireland’s ability to laugh at ourselves.

Those pesky maundering Vikings were back, (Brian Boru’s efforts in 1014 seems to have had little effect ), as was a very treacherous looking army legion from ancient Rome, (Silvio Berlusconi was obviously trying to get us onside, amid growing fiscal problems related to the European debt crisis ).

Thurles Camera Club members were also out in force capturing images of this truly enjoyable & very colourful event.

All in all, a fantastic display again this year and congrats go to the organising committee and the work of the many who took part.

Slide show courtesy G.Willoughby.


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