Property Tax Values Go Online

Revenue Commissioners

Revenue Commissioners

A new website,, indicating property values on which the soon to be introduced property tax will be based, has now gone on line.

While Revenue are anxious to stress that the valuations given on this website are for guidance only, home owners can now check the estimated value of their current property in their immediate area.

This new online service provides a guide to average market values of properties in a given locality and offers an indicative valuation band for properties depending on type, age and location. It does not provide market values for individual properties.

The guidance is primarily based on the market value of properties sold since the year 2010 in the area, adjusted for average price movements in the interim.

Thurles Urban Estimated Values

Thurles valuations vary depending on the date of construction e.g. before the year 2000 or after and are shown as follows:-
Apartment/Flat: €0 – €100,000.
Bungalow:  €100,001 – €150,000.
Detached:  €100,001 – €150,000.
Semi-Detached:  €100,000 – €150,000.
Terraced:  €0 – €100,000.

Tax deducted under self assessment requires property owners to honestly assess the market value of their own property. If a property is smaller or larger than the average for the area, is in a significantly poor state of repair or has exceptional or unique features, this will have to be factored into the assessment of the valuation band of the property by the Revenue.

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Home owners/Taxpayers are due to receive letters from this week onwards, outlining how this new tax works, including a rough estimate of their property’s value. This communication will include a two-page form that must be filled out and returned to Revenue by a date in May next.


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