Pedestrian Safety Barriers Demolished In Thurles Yet Again

barrierPedestrian safety barriers at the junction of Slievenamon Road & Liberty Square Thurles were badly damaged in the early hours of this morning. The accident is believed to have been caused by an articulated vehicle having manoeuvred the corner at this junction, a little short of turning space.

Thurles Gardaí are anxious to talk to persons who may have witnessed this accident or who have any information regarding the vehicle involved. Same can be contacted at Telephone No.0504-25100

This is the third time, in just over one year, that these barriers have been severely damaged by large vehicles attempting to manoeuvre around this particular junction.

Perhaps there is now a need for our Roads Authority to examine the current design of these existing barriers in the interests of health and safety. Luckily all three accident have happened at night or in the early hours of the morning, when pedestrians, for whom these barriers were introduced to protect, were absent from our pavements.

This happening now further highlights the urgent need for a ring road, to eradicate large transport vehicles forced to access the centre of Thurles, same which continue to stem the flow of normal traffic within the centre of our Cathedral town.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby.


4 comments to Pedestrian Safety Barriers Demolished In Thurles Yet Again

  • Dick Ryan

    The barriers are there to protect but what about the idiots of this town that insist on walking around them to cross the road. They will never learn until they get knocked down.

  • People are careless, however the positioning of rounded barriers also will end with people becoming trapped between the barrier exterior & a vehicle. Very bad planning since people will always take the shortest distance between two points, disregarding their personal safety.
    In America, Jaywalking (derived from the word jay, an inexperienced person or a pejorative term for a country Red-neck, and walk) is the term commonly used to describe illegal or reckless pedestrian behaviour, like this, and if observed by the authorities, constitutes a heavy fine.

  • Willie

    Excellent website.. Well done George. Just one little suggestion would it be possible to put the date on each report.
    They all say today!!! Best wishes

  • Hi Willie, Many thanks for your kind comments. You will find the date of each post on bottom left of each individual post under the “tweet counter.” Your confusion may be caused by the fact that we often upload more than one post on certain days. Again thanks for your kind remarks.

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