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No Current X-Ray Facility At Cashel Hospital

We learn this morning that an  X-Ray machine at Our Lady’s Hospital Cashel has been out of order for at least the last week. The medical device is understood to be redundant due a mechanical defect and consequently no X-Rays can be presently performed.

At Our Lady’s Hospital, X-Ray provisions are essential to the future of an already reduced health service currently located in the town which is the nearest hospital destination for Thurles residents in an emergency.

Patients attending are also now placed at risk regarding the determination of their injuries, because of the lack of this medical X-Ray facility, which now exposes the Cashel Hospital service to possible future litigation in the case of human error.

A High Court guarantee some 10 years ago was given, latter guaranteeing that a minor injuries unit would continue to be instituted and maintained at Our Lady’s Cashel, together with X-Ray facilities.

Tipperary residents now fear that this is yet a further step by this government to gain financial savings ahead of patients’ needs, while also reducing further hospital services in Co. Tipperary.


3 comments to No Current X-Ray Facility At Cashel Hospital

  • Michael

    Did anyone ever see a politician in a cue to get any kind of medical treatment? It doesn’t matter about Joe Soap.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George. This is an absolute disgrace that the Cashel Hospital patients are treated in this manner its bad enough what is going on with the Assumption Hospital.The Irish Government is throwing your hard earned Euro into a wealthy country like Australia its your money so use people power and the Irish sprit to get this appalling situation under control. Come on Thurles and Cashel people including my family stand up and shout from the roof tops about this.If you sit back and do nothing you will get no where with these politicians. The people here in Australia would never put up with such contempt so why should you at home.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George. I have come across a letter written to Tom Ryan C/O The County Home Thurles and dated 1980.Tom came from Two Mile Borris,Thurles.and from a family of 11 in total. Tom gave me this letter in 1980 when we visited him in the Home.I believe he died shortly afterwards. Any one in Thurles remember this family.There was a Paddy,Molly,Billy,Andy I believe. George any news on Cashel Hospital and the X-Ray Machines.

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