Tipperary Defeat Dublin In MHC Final Replay

Tipperary had to improve all round in Croke Park today, based on their last performance, but our boys had learned a lot from their previous draw and that experience truly stood to them today, as they set about annihilating Dublin in the All-Ireland MHC final replay, thus adding one more to their counties already total of 18 Irish Press Cup titles.

Tadhg Gallagher & Mark McCarthy grabbed 1-02 each, and when 0-10 was added from John McGrath, 0-02 from S. Maher , & 0-01 each from S. Cahill, & B. Maher, the final full-time score showed Tipperary 2-18 – Dublin 1-11.

It was corner forwards McCarthy and Gallagher who displayed the real sweat and no little intelligence, through their fast-moving attacks which ripped through Dublin defences, allowing the Tipperary side to respond with quality scores from play through team members John McGrath, Sean Maher and Bill Maher.

First blood went to Dublin, with Paul Winters knocking over a free from inside his own half, but Stephen Cahill wins a free about 45 yards out and John McGrath cancels the debt.

In the third minute Shelly draws a foul close to the sideline and McGrath again taps over his second free of the day. Now Dublin half-back O’Donnell, finds his mark from the half-way line showing the score Dublin 0-02 Tipperary 0-02.

McGrath soon puts Tipperary back in front with another free and this is followed by a goal from Mark McCarthy from a loose ball leaving Dublin 0-02 to Tipperary’s 1-03, on the scoreboard.

McGrath fires over a 65 to extend Tipperary’s lead but this is answered by  James Roche, gets two points back for Dublin leaving the score Dublin 0-04 Tipperary 1-04

The speed of corner-forward Tadhg Gallagher, bursting through the Dublin defence, finds the back of the Dublin net and a point from Sean Maher adds further to Dublin’s misery and Tipperary have a seven point lead.

Dublin’s Winters taps over a close-range free, but Tipperary’s Cahill points a snap shot from 50 yards & McGrath is again on target from a resulting foul by E Lowndes on McCarthy. Two further points from McGrath & McCarthy see the half-time scoreboard reading Dublin 0-05 Tipperary 2-10.

Scoring in the second half begins with a sideline point from John McGrath, but Costello pulls a point back for Dublin. Tadhg Gallagher and Winters swap 2 points each, one from a free, having been fouled by Barry Heffernan. Two further points from Tipp captain Bill Maher & Sean Maher leave Dublin 1-09 Tipperary 2-16

Tipperary seem to ease off on the pressure, following Winters fifth point of the day and Dublin’s Oisin O’Rorke blasts past Paul Maher to score a goal.

Another point from Dublin’s O’Rorke was merely a consolation and was answered by two points from John McGrath making the full time score Tipperary 2-18, Dublin 1-11.

While in the latter half of the second half Tipperary never reached the annihilating levels of style & performance shown in their first-half display, they never showed any sign of being troubled by Dublin either.

Tipperary Scorers: M McCarthy, T Gallagher 1-02 each, J McGrath 0-10, S Maher 0-02, S Cahill, B Maher 0-01 each

Tipperary Team: P Maher, R Maher, M Breen, J Peters, T Fox, T Hamill, B Heffernan, B Maher, S Cahill, J McGrath, D Fitzell, S Maher, T Gallagher, J Shelly, M McCarthy.

Substitutes: S. Ryan for Cahill, S. O’Brien for S. Maher, R. Tierney for O’Callaghan,  C. Lanigan for Gallagher.

Referee: Alan Kelly from Galway


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