Free Admission To Heritage Sites

The Office of Public Works (OPW) has announced that there will be free admission to all the heritage sites operated by the OPW in Ireland on the first Wednesday of every month during 2012. The OPW operated this scheme last year and it was so successful that it has decided it will be operated again this year.

The following is a list of the heritage sites that will be free in the Tipperary area during the offer;

  • Rock of Cashel
  • Cahir Castle
  • Roscrea Heritage and the Blackmills
  • Swiss Cottage

Full details on all the available heritage sites around Ireland can be found on website.

A PDF file with complete info and details on the free access to heritage sites for 2012 is available here;


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  • Katie O'Connell Knott

    George just picked up Heritage Ireland will spend some time later going through it. Thanks George what would we do without you on this side of the world, you are really our encyclopedia.

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