Improvised Explosive Device Found In Roscrea

What is being described as a viable “Improvised Explosive Device,” or IED, has been made safe by our Defence Forces, operating in the early hours of this morning at Roscrea, Co Tipperary.

The alarm was first raised at around 11.30pm last night, when the device was spotted close to a vehicle at the Cois Carrig estate in the Grange area of Roscrea.

The Defence Forces deployed a team of explosive experts to Roscrea, arriving at 2.45am, following a request from Roscrea gardaí. The area was cordoned off and a number of residents living close to the positioning of the device were evacuated for a time, in the interests of their safety.

The device was made safe by means of a controlled explosion and the scene was declared safe at around 4.40am.

This is now the 70th time the ‘Bomb Squad,’ has been deployed this year and the 22nd time they have had to handle a viable IED device.


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  • Michael

    If the criminals are caught they get a bonus. GAOL. Free bed a food,television and lots of other facilities.

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