Littleton Disappearing Flowerpot Mystery

Our good friends out in the Littleton area report that they have been targeted by some very passionate individuals in recent days. Reports claim that these known individuals have fallen in love with the local village flowerpots. Indeed so great was their passion for these items that they have removed them from the local sports field and from the Village Grotto in the area, obviously for safe keeping and in case they were stolen.

Those responsible for the removal of these cement containers, (one of the latter which is shown in our picture above) is now being asked to return same. Yes it seems there is a further twist to this tale, as it now appears that the whole incident was being observed by a man who recognised a member involved.

This observer has now informed us that he will not inform the police as to the culprits name, if the cement pots are returned, in good order, before Monday morning next, a fact which he will observe as he heads out for his place of work at 8.00pm. Our observer is adamant however that they must be left back exactly, from whence they were removed.

Our observer refuses to name the young lady he was with at the time and who also observed the incident. Well after all one is entitled to some bit of privacy.


2 comments to Littleton Disappearing Flowerpot Mystery

  • Michael

    I don’t know what the modern world is coming to.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George: We may have found the answer to the missing “flower pot mystery” or we hope we have. We took some Thurles and Cashel expats for an outing yesterday to the Village market and right there before our eyes was the missing pot or Nancy from Two Mile Borris thought it was. George one wonders how it ever got here. Anyway it was a great day out and enjoyed by all.

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