Thurles Parking Metres May Become Redundant

County Councils are coming under intense pressure to remove costly parking fees. Some Local Authorities are losing millions of euro each year on their car parking charges, with one-in-three paying out more in costs, than they actually collect.

Parking Fees are also costing millions in lost consumer spending to businesses in local town centres, like Thurles, because we have permitted our Town Councils to emulated big cities parking restrictions by introducing on-street parking charges.

Motorists in Ireland paid in excess of €100m last year in parking charges and fines, however despite this massive gravy train, 18 county and town councils still managed to lose money, mainly through the employment of traffic wardens, the maintaining of ‘Pay and Display‘ machines, and the actual costs of collecting the ‘gravy,’ from the machines.

Enforcing traffic by-laws is costing well in excess of the revenue generated in many areas and when added to the loss in consumer spending by businesses, both North and South Tipperary County Councils must now come under pressure to scrap parking fees all together.

You won’t be supprised to learn that both Tipperary Councils have reported huge losses in the running of their car parking services, with South Tipperary recording a loss in excess of €20,000, while our own beloved North Tipperary Council losses are said to be in the region of a whopping €43,000, latter a shortfall which will inevitably be paid by business who themselves have already suffered loss, when their customers took the decision to move out of town centres, in favour of large Supermarkets providing free parking, on the outskirts of towns like Thurles.

Add this high cost to time wasted by local councillors discussing dog pooh and litter problems, most of which is dropped when Traffic Wardens are off duty, maybe now is the time for discussions on fiscal rectitude.

Local Councils have opted not to increase parking charges here in Thurles for this year and it is now believed that if pressure is applied, they may scrap these charges altogether.

Remember here in Thurles to post a standard letter and obey the law costs a minimum of €1.05 including the stamp.


8 comments to Thurles Parking Metres May Become Redundant

  • Thurles Resident

    Its about time these issues were raised and acknowledged by the public as well as council, For years I have not shopped, out of spite, in places unless absolute necessity. You cannot spend your money in our establishment unless you pay us first ?? Does that make sense to anyone.
    I am delighted that Thurles shopping centre does not have charged parking any more so I tend to do my shopping there for most items, the idea of going to the Square to shop that costs me €1 is just sickening. I am not 100% aware of where the money goes from this service so I tend not to even get out of the car. The facts also that most of us are now aware of how many hidden charges we pay and how far or how little our money goes nowadays, we are at a point that these euros add up. My change drawer every year used to take me on a foreign holiday with surplus, but it seems to just pay for petrol and other necessities because money is so tight.
    Thurles council need to get a grip and move with the times, the facts that its costing money to run is a farce, to keep it running would be throwing good money after bad. Perhaps a review in 5 years might be in order?
    I for one will never change my attitude towards paying to shop somewhere but we live now where those euros add up and count towards our budgets where as 5 years ago it didn’t.

    Overall i think its a positive step .. now if they could just bring down business rates 😀

  • Cannot be sure Thurles does not make a profit, however I, like you, have never paid to park in my own town and like you never will. Silence and acceptance on decisions like this, must stop for all our sakes.

  • Michael

    If the Metres Become Redundant, It’ll be easier to get parking in Dunnes and McKevitts, and more people will shop in the town centre.

  • Chris

    This is Thurles TC we are talking about though. Maybe they will follow Nenagh by allowing free parking at certain times in the morning but they will hardly abolish it, more than likely squeeze us for more next year to pay down the €400,000 debt.

  • Only if center town businesses continue to accept. Consumers still have a choice as to where they will shop.

  • Chris

    If free parking is not achievable I at least think the traders should argue for some form of it in the Ulster Bank/Parnell street car parks. But to make it in a way that its not taken advantage of and to ensure its for everybody to use put card barriers on it like the car park in South Tipp General. You get a certain amount of time but if you leave the car there lets say for over an hour you will be charged. Free half to hourly parking would be sufficient enough to allow you to get your shopping done and would stamp out non essential parking which is a really big problem for shoppers in the town.

    Kinda off topic but did you see this video they actually halted a repossession.

  • Joan

    I for one would be delighted to see the demise of parking meters and parking charges in the town of Thurles.
    Businesses on the high streets would have a fairer chance to attract customers. Shoppers could enjoy a greater variety of shops and products in our town.
    However I feel that some restriction on the period of parking would need to be considered. Maximum two hour on streets with long term parking such as full day parking available in car parks subject to a charge.
    Is it possible that our Town Council can now see the wood from the trees?

  • Proinsias

    ‘News Just In’: Thurles parking metres recently made redundant from there years of loyal service on Liberty Square were refused dole payments today at Thurles social welfare offices. Under the new governments ‘Pathways to Work’ scheme the parking metres were told that unless they agreed to retrain as…… lets say…. water metres, that they would not be eligible for social welfare assistance in the future and may even be considered for liquidation er… sorry, I meant recycling

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