North Tipperary Road Funding Announced

A satisfactory roads network is essential for the efficient operation of any successful economy, particularly in rural Ireland. Our roads are also an essential communication link in supporting community development and facilitating, in particular, movement in rural areas, thus fostering social inclusion.

To this end, news that funding of over €10 million has just been announced for the upgrading, repair and development of some roads here in North Tipperary, is welcomed, but not before time.

An estimated €425,000 is expected to go towards the patching up of sections of the R503 which runs east-west from Thurles, County Tipperary to the N7 west of Limerick City. These long overdue repairs are said to take place targeting, in particular, surfaces around the villages of Rearcross and Newport. Another much needed €250,000 is targeted to provide resurfacing on the Portroe/Ballina road.

Work is also expected to be carried out on the Bridge at Templeree (€85,000) on the Templemore to Templetouhy road, while Rossestown Cross, Fogarty’s Junction in Clonmore and the Ragg Road, Templemore, are also targeted for repairs and upgrade.

Nenagh and Thurles Town Councils will each receive approximately €195,000 while Templemore Town Council will get €139,000 in funding for pre-approved schemes.

North Tipperary County Council will also receive €1.507,000 for use in funding other discretionary grant aid.

Expect the “Welcoming,” public relations, press releases from North Tipperary Politicians, claiming responsibility and credit, to begin appearing, just as soon as they find out.


1 comment to North Tipperary Road Funding Announced

  • Chris

    Always believed the R503 could be a major Thurles-Limerick road. Its easy to widen and with a good surface it could cut journey times. Just wonder will this money be just pumped into filling potholes full of water with chippings or go on really improving this road.

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