Tipperary Second In San Francisco Best App Ever Awards

The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT)

The Tipperary “Grey Horse Apps,” which can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android, has won second prize for the ‘Best Doing Good’ App in the 2011 ‘Best App Ever,’ awards held in San Francisco, California.

The ‘Save a horse’ App was developed to support the work of the Irish Horse Welfare Trust, latter established in 1999, to assist the current plight of horses here in Ireland.

A total of more than 7,240 Apps were nominated for the 2011 Best App Ever Awards and more than 1.5m votes were cast globally.

Elaine Heney, producer, (whose website appears to have been compromised this morning, so Warning do not go there just presently) is absolutely thrilled with the win and states she is greatly honoured that she has been able to support and further raise awareness of horse welfare here in Ireland.

The ‘Save a horse,’ app for iPhone and Android can be downloaded by horse lovers, completely free.


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