Templetuohy Man Looses Life In Australia

We regret to report that a 28-year-old Tipperary man, on a working holiday with his brother in Australia, has lost his life following a freak accident.

Mr Martin Costigan, a native of Templetuohy, Thurles, Co Tipperary, was in the sea with his brother and friends at lunchtime yesterday at Scarborough Beach, which is close to Perth, when he was swept away by a freak wave.

Mr Costigan, a non-swimmer, was one of a highly respected farming family of eight children and played hurling and Gaelic football for his local GAA club, Moyne Templetuohy.

Mr Costigan’s body was later recovered near the Perth coastline.

Mr Costigan had been in Australia for only a couple of months and had returned home at Christmas to be with his family and friends. Mr Costigan’s brother, who presently resides in New York, is flying out to Perth today.

The deceased man’s father Mr Connie Costigan, is chairman of the local Co-Op and is a former chairman of the Moyne-Templetuohy GAA club.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family and friends.

Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam dílis.


2 comments to Templetuohy Man Looses Life In Australia

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    George. The death at Scarborough in Perth of this young Irish man is such a tragedy but this happens nearly every week here in Australia. We get dangerous rips that cost so many swimmers their lives and mostly from other countries who really don’t know what these rips can do. There are signs up on the beaches which state ‘no swimming’zone and are also marked by flags. I constantly warn Irish back packers of these dangers and very surprised how many come out here and cannot swim. The kids here learn to swim before they even start school. Maybe Ireland should take this on board. Our condolences to the family at this sad time and we will have prayers for Martin R.I.P. offered up at our local Church here on the Gold Coast.

  • Marian Quinlan Curtin

    Rest in Peace Martin Costigan

    As each day moves on
    The terrible pain will lessen
    When memories are recalled
    We will laugh share a silent tear
    A gentle smile
    When we remember
    A special memory

    Time will heal the hurt
    But it cannot take away
    Our special memories
    Of someone
    That was part of our family
    For too short a time
    But God had other plans
    But it is so difficult
    For us
    Who are left behind-
    To understand

    We turn to God
    To give us strength
    To try and understand
    And step into each day
    With love for all around us
    And always in our minds
    Is the loved one
    That God called home.

    It is like the spring
    New growth
    A new beginning
    Our loved ones
    Have taken a heavenly journey
    When God decides
    Our time
    Has come
    To be reunited
    Until then
    We will hold you
    Inside our hearts
    Never to far away
    To have a chat
    You may not answer
    But we know
    You are listening.

    Marian Quinlan Curtin, Templetuohy, Thurles Co Tipperary

    One Nice Young Man, Will be forever young.”

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