Tipperary Teenager €5.25 Million HSE Settlement

A Tipperary teenager, who suffers with Cerebral Palsy, has secured a €5.25 million court settlement, following his High Court action against the HSE.

The action arose following serious injuries suffered during the circumstances of the birth of Kyle McMahon at St Munchin’s Regional Maternity Hospital in Limerick.

Kyle sued the HSE through his mother M/S Theresa McMahon, who resides at Cudville, Nenagh, Co Tipperary, and liability is understood to have been admitted.

Counsel for Kyle stated that Kyle’s mother had been admitted to hospital with blood pressure health issues and the following day the birth had been induced, with Kyle being born by spontaneous delivery.

Kyle suffered severe distress during his birth and Cerebral Palsy was later diagnosed.


4 comments to Tipperary Teenager €5.25 Million HSE Settlement

  • Chris

    Today I as walking into St Mary’s Health Centre and tripped on the way to the door. Hurt my arm/back/leg/foot. Now I’m 23 not going to have life changing injuries from this and is only slightly painful but am taking this further because imagine if this was an elderly person this happened to. The car park there is a mess like 10 different surfaces on it. I think the HSE should lay a whole new car park down and I will not stop complaining and will even take legal action until this done. I will not look for any costs/compensation in this as I don’t want any. But I won’t rest until this car park is brought up to standard. For the sake of the public/staff the sick/elderly I’m not letting this drop.

  • Chris, sorry to hear of your plight, trust you are OK.

  • Chris

    I am grand thanks wrist hurts a bit. It is shocking though how the entrance to a health centre that has the elderly/children/expectant mothers walking through it’s gates (with no pedestrian footpaths) everyday can be so dangerous. It is ok for me as my body can take it but its an uncomfortable feeling that someone of a different age and physical shape could be seriously injured. The staff in there do amazing work and I am sure are just as concerned about this. I actually can’t wait to take on the HSE at a senior level even if it means shouting through James Reilly’s letterbox. They are sending me out this form which i have to fill out and if nothing comes of that I will take this much further.

  • Make sure you photograph the offending surface.

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