New Multi-Storey Car Park For Thurles

The parking problems for people shopping in Liberty Square, Thurles may soon be over as plans are being put forward for a new multi-storey car park for the town centre.

Local businesses of Liberty Square have proposed that a new car park is vital to sustain their businesses as the Shopping Centre is increasingly drawing their customers away from the town centre. The fact that the shopping centre is also offering free parking at their multi-storey car park is also hurting the traditional town centre businesses.

The existing car park beside the Ulster Bank is being looked into as a possible site for the new multi-storey car park.


6 comments to New Multi-Storey Car Park For Thurles

  • Joan

    As a trader in West Gate, and a member of our newly formed Traders Unite Association I am delighted with the news that at long last we have some hope of adequate parking for our customers for high street shopping in Thurles. Can anyone tell me when this proposed development will happen? Traders in the town center will endeavor to support this project

  • Pat Donnelly

    Great idea but!!!!! This suggestion has been discussed on several occassions already. Who is going to finance and build the Multi Storey Car Park? How will it be financed into the future? Parking fees will have to be charged to maintain the Car Park and I understand will have to be a lot more expensive than the already on street parking fees. It appears little thought has gone into this idea.

  • Chris

    Pat is right they would have to charge more for parking and hire security guards/lift maintenance so nobody will be stuck in the lift at 10pm etc.

    I think the town council is purposely just putting this idea out there to distract people temporarily to the issue of having them to reduce parking charges. I would really have to see it to believe it. Plus there is a school door/entrance in that car park and someone seriously isn’t going to park up on the second or third level just to pop in to Costcutters for a few items. The only great option for taking cars off Liberty Square at the moment is to purchase the Tesco site if it becomes available.

    I wonder who in Thurles Town Council really thinks passing this story on to TippFm was a good idea. They need to be realistic and honest about what they can afford because from what it sounds like, this council is on the brink of going broke. They have just below 400 council houses to rent out which only bring in roughly 700,000 a year, and a number of RAS subsidised rented properties from private landlords which i cant find a figure for quantity/cost at the moment. Over 400 applicants on the waiting list which means building about 400+ houses which they cant afford to do. Most parking revenue goes on repairing these houses or subsidising low income families rent. They have to literally beg money off the Department for the Environment for money just to fix footpaths and the NRA to fix the bridge. Financially it doesn’t look great and Michael Ryan should be pressured to resign from his position. Unless these overpaid useless people are removed we will just have to put up with the traffic on our streets.

  • Michael

    I think we need a “Luas” in Thurles.

  • David Commins

    Could the newly formed Traders Unite Association please do not stand in the way of progress and give up the idea of the traditional town centre businesses been ruined, its called competition.
    Not greed. Progress should be admired not frowned upon.
    Any development of Erin Foods site should be welcomed so try not to mess it up!!!!!!!


  • David Commins

    oh best of luck with the Car Park!!!
    Really interesting!!!


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