Dear God Please Help

27th September, 2011.

Dear God,

I trust you and yours keep in good health. I did not intend to write to you until tomorrow, but every day living in this State, we appear to become more silent, corrupt and greedy.

Please understand, that I am aware that You and Your Guardian Angels are very busy at the moment, what with famine in the Horn of Africa, the state of the Euro and all the other chaos worldwide, caused mainly by individual political greed and the never ending lust for position and power.

Miss Teresa Treacy - A Lady With Real Backbone

I personally don’t ask You for much as you know, but presently, it’s gettin’ hard to tell what’s wrong from right.

On behalf of Your many confused, but faithful followers, I am hoping that, having read this letter, You might find the time to reply and perhaps offer me some wise council, since it is my belief that You haven’t been calling around this once Island of Saints and Scholars in the last number of years, due to Your heavy work commitments at more deserving locations.

Lord, allow me to explain my confusion.
A 65 year old woman, Miss Teresa Treacy, from Clonmore, Tullamore, Co Offaly, has been imprisoned in the Dochas, Women’s Prison at Mountjoy Jail, in Dublin, for the past 14 days. Her only “crime” has been to challenge ESB and Eirgrid, over the right for them to cut her security locks, trespass on her land, cut down 12,000 of her trees and build pylons on her property, without her consent.

Unlike drug dealers, rapists, thieves, murderers etc. this woman’s prison sentence will not be considered by the authorities, under their “Revolving Prison Door System,” of justice, which presently continues to operates in this country for other truly dangerous offenders.

You understand Lord that in 65 years, this woman’s only crime is that she displays, what our present political leadership lacks, namely, basic backbone, and unless she apologises to our Court system and purges her contempt, which she refuses to entertain, she must remain locked in prison with convicted murderers Catherine Neven and Linda Mulhall.

God, what confuses me is that this event is happening here in Ireland, at the same time as a Sinn Fein leader, who, through his past association with terrorism, without the support of our democratic system and who has wasted more of the Irish taxpayers money than both Fianna Fáil and our present greedy banking system put together, is being supported for the post of President Of Ireland.

Accompanying him in this race also, to get his undeserving hands on a salary worth almost €250.000 plus €317, 434 expenses, is a man who wrote letters, seeking clemency on behalf of a man charged with the statutory rape of a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in 1997.  Note also Lord that this is happening in the same year that our government has suddenly realised that pedophilia is not acceptable in present society.

This is happening also in a time when those who have been allowed, by law, to willfully rape and pillage our fair land, still continue to party, using the proceeds from their looting and ill-gotten gain.

What should we be doing Lord, to correct this grave injustice in Irish society? I would appreciate your guidance in this time of silence.

Your faithful servant,
George Willoughby.

P.S. Lord, You do not appear to have an account with Facebook, but if others feel as I do, is it O.K. to send Miss Treacy a message of support by clicking here? We can deal with the “Presidential Hopefuls,” at the ballot box.


5 comments to Dear God Please Help

  • Michael

    Teresa owned land and trees. I thought if one owned something that one had COMPLETE control over what you owned. I thought Teresa would have exclusive right of possession. We must mind our houses. We think we OWN them.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott


    We love your ‘Dear God’ it’s now hanging in my office. We will be watching this back to the dark ages of unfair justice to this women. Keep us informed.

  • Hi Katie,
    This lady was released from prison today, without purging her contempt. We have not heard the last of this saga, as she will continue to battle ESB and Eirgrid, to protect her property. This time she has massive support countrywide.

  • Katie O.Connell. Knott

    Thank you George for your reply. I dont know what us expats on this side of the world would do without you and ‘Hidden Tipperary’ you are a great source of home information for our group. We are just recording Sing-a-long-live by Ray Kennedy and Platform. Its a great recording and we will play it at our BBQ.

    George, thank you so much for all the information you send to me. I have just come back from a talk with elderly Irish and English expats, how interesting the day was, we ended up singing ‘Over the hills’ a great Irish song.
    Singing along now with this group. Wish you could here the voices a great night and of course Ireland and Wales are playing Rugby tomorrow so all the Irish flags are flying around our house.!!!! Kind regards. Katie and John expat Thurles Group.

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