Two-Mile Borris Super Casino Plan Axed

The Justice minister Alan Shatter has announced today that the proposed super-casino for Two-Mile Borris, near Thurles, will not now go ahead. The minister said that it was a Cabinet level decision and that they have decided that there is no need for a resort-style casino in Ireland at the moment. The minister went on to say that the Cabinet also agreed that “there is no social benefit in a resort of this scale” and that the proposed super-casino plan for Two-Mile Borris was far too big.

However, the Justice minister Alan Shatter did also mention that “new legislation will provide for more modest-sized establishments” to be established under new and up-coming gambling legislation. This would seem to suggest that a casino could still go ahead at the proposed Two-Mile Borris site, but with strict limits on the number of tables and square footage allowed.

As recently as June this year An Bord Pleanála had given the go-ahead for a casino, a 500 bedroom hotel and a racetrack/golf facility at the Two-Mile Borris site, but with today’s announcement it would seem that the future of the super-casino, part of this project, will be in serious doubt now.


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  • Chris

    I wonder if this project was planned for lets say Finglas or Tallaght would they have shot it down too?
    Disappointing news but we are governed by idiots who promised jobs within 100 days of office, but all we see is them criticizing the practices of companies like Aviva and Talk Talk who are laying off people. Saying “its shameful the way they lay’ed of the workers” when the cost of everything is soaring, who can blame companies having to lay people off its not like the state is assisting them. Their priority is bankrupt rouge bankers. Not just people from Tipperary are angry. On comments from people around the country about it.

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