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Slogan Competition

Harry Potter

A Tipperary native now resident in Australia, Katie O.Connell-Knott, is looking for a ‘Tipperary Tourism Slogan,‘ to put on T-Shirts for her next Irish Expats Barbecue.

Katie, a regular visitor and commenter on Thurles.Info and our new tourism site Hidden Tipperary, is looking for a slogan, which will promote Irish Tourism in Australia.

To assist Katie in her quest, we here on Thurles.Info and Hidden Tipperary are putting up a prize for the best T-Shirt slogan received.

Prize: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The prize winner will be given an opportunity to join in the Battle of Hogwarts and take control of Harry Potter and his friends in their final adventure in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the Nintendo DS video game adaptation of the blockbuster book and movie. This game goes on sale for the first time on Friday next, so send us your ‘Tourism Slogan,’ ASAP, using the ‘Comment Tag,’ underneath this Post, before Wednesday July 20th and the slogan competition winner will get the opportunity to wield powerful magic and engage in epic battles in their quest to destroy the Horcruxes and Lord Voldemort.


(1) Rules are simple, the Judge for this competition will be Katie herself, over in that wonderful Australian State of Queensland, bordered by the Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean, and her decision will be final.
(2) Send as many slogans as you like, via the Comment Tag, and note, all entries are free and the competition is open to everyone.
(3) Your slogan must contain the words “Hidden Tipperary,” and please do take in to account that your slogan must fit on the front of a T-Shirt, so the fewer words possibly the better, while still getting your Tourism Message across.

We look forward to hearing from you, and the best of luck.


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