Roscrea And Borrisokane Courthouses To Close

Nenagh Courthouse

There has been angry vocal reaction to the decision by the Irish Courts Service to close both local Courthouses in the Tipperary towns of Roscrea and Borrisokane.

Under these new proposals, from next January, both town’s local court sittings would be transferred to the upgraded accommodation presently provided by Nenagh courthouse, which  just 32km from Roscrea and 16km from Borrisokane.

Presently there are no consultation rooms or cells in Roscrea or Borrisokane, with security, facilities for legal practitioners, defendants, witnesses, victims of crime and the public, at well below modern requirement standards.

The Courts Service, in a statement, also explain that at present private business is being conducted on corridors and security remains an serious issue. The proximity of Borrisokane and Roscrea to Nenagh, together with the low frequency of court sittings, and therefore small annual case loads, in both towns, make it logical to transfer court business to the larger town.

Roscrea’s legal community are set to meet to discuss the issue this week, however, in our current financial climate there is little prospect of being able to improve facilities in Roscrea or Borrisokane, bringing them up to the standard which users are now entitled to expect.

While most local anger is being expressed by Solicitors and the business community in these areas, many residents feel that both communities would now be better served seeking more profitable alternative uses for these structures, which have changed little since first constructed back to the 1800’s.


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