International Space Station Over Thurles Tonight

ISS Front View

The International Space Station (ISS) is making yet another pass over Thurles tonight. The last passes over Ireland mentioned on have been quite spectacular and tonight should be no different, showing a magnitude of -3.0 (Very Bright).

With our sky presently showing broken cloud, it looks like the ISS will be easily spotted for about 3 minutes, as it moves at high speed across our air space.

The station will come into view from a westerly direction at a maximum elevation of 42° South over Thurles at 10.20pm precisely and will be gone from view by 10.23pm travelling eastward.

If the sky remains clear, you will have no problem picking out this space station which appears as a very bright star moving very fast from west to east, as you look directly south.

To keep track of the ISS and other satellite flyovers click Here.


1 comment to International Space Station Over Thurles Tonight

  • ISS was very close a few nights ago but you couldn’t see it with clouds.
    It’s further away tonight but will be visible if sky is very clear .

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