Indian PC Scam Strikes Thurles Again

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We’ve received a number of calls from people today about the Indian PC scam which seems to be targeting the Thurles area again. Several people have reported to us that they have received a phone call from a person claiming to represent a ‘computer support company’. We recently did a post about this PC scam and take this opportunity to warn people again to NEVER even engage with these scammers.

The scam usually involves them claiming to fix an imaginary problem with your computer. They usually try to scam you for €90 first, and then later request that you sign up to their ‘long-term’ deal costing about €200 per year!

If you receive such a call, DO NOT switch on your computer, DO NOT engage with these people, instead ask them for their contact details and hang up, promising to return their call later. They usually hang up when asked for contact details.

Have you received any of these type of calls lately?


2 comments to Indian PC Scam Strikes Thurles Again

  • When you get a call from those Skammers, you answer by start saying the “our father ” in irish. They won’t bother you again.

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