Colonoscopy Services – Tipperary Deceived Again

Fifteen hospital units have been initially selected to carry out Colonoscopy Services, as part of the national bowel cancer screening programme, which is due to start in 2012.

The fifteen hospitals have been chosen following assessment by the NCSS and outside experts for suitability as screening centres: Cavan, Blanchardstown, Tralee, Letterkenny, Dundalk, Castlebar, Mercy Cork, Tullamore, Ennis, Sligo, Clonmel, St James’s, St Vincent’s Dublin, Tallaght and Wexford.

Spot The Deliberate Error

Now spot the deliberate error, to observe, at first hand, the power of our political representatives in North Tipperary. Yes you have guessed correctly, despite current election propaganda, being pushed through letterboxes promising improvements in access to health care services in North Tipperary, by our outgoing government, the secret deals done with Fianna Fail for our benifit and constant political promises, our Nenagh Hospital has again been left off the final list again. This action demonstrates further, the real future and plans, which will eventually remove all health care facilities out of North Tipperary.

Remember the Nenagh Hospital Protests

This wanton destruction of our county health care services must now be reflected in how we vote in the forthcoming General Election.  While our elected representatives can afford and will be flown by helicopter to the private Blackrock Clinic, those of us who are now cast and classed as the plebes of this green land, must make our journey along a potholed road, to a trolley cluttered hospital passage way.

The Nenagh Hospital Action Group have expressed their utter dismay that the North Tipperary facility was omitted from the National Colonoscopy Screening programme, despite political promises that the Nenagh facility would be used as a centre for screening.

Around 930 people die from bowel cancer each year and there are around 2,200 cases diagnosed each year.

Cancer of the colon is one of the most common cancers in Ireland. It occurs in the bowel, which is also known as the intestine and includes the colon and the rectum, which is the lower six inches of the tract. In colorectal cancer, 70% of malignancies occur in the colon or large intestine and 30% appear in the rectum.

To reduce the risk of colon cancer, it is best to follow a diet that is low in fat and high in fruits, vegetables and fibre. It is also advisable to exercise regularly.


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