Pall Manufacturing In Tipperary Town To Shut

The Pall Corporation manufacturing plant in Tipperary is set to close with the loss of 94 jobs.

Pall Manufacturing in Tipperary town has said that it is operating at a fraction of it’s available current capacity.
This decision has been described as sudden and it is understood that staff will not being offered any chance to relocate.

The health care products company began manufacturing in the Tipperary town in 1997, but suffered jobs cuts of 150 posts in March 2003, when its entire medical division was shut down. The remaining jobs were in the machinery and equipment division.

Mr David O’Driscoll, General Manager of Pall Ireland, stated: “This has not been an easy decision and Pall Ireland is committed to treating employees with dignity and respect. The company will be assisting and supporting everyone affected by today’s announcement to help make the transition as painless as possible.”

This announcement was made to the 71 permanent and 23 temporary staff this morning at a meeting held at 10.00am and the company confirm that  the plant will be closed by 31 May 2011.


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