Clare Glens Co Tipperary A Photographers Dream

Clare-River-Co-TippVisitors to Co.Tipperary whose lives encompass a love of nature, scenic walking, true peace and tranquility should not leave the county without at least one visit to the Clare Glens.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

This beautiful area forms a natural boundary dividing the county of Tipperary from County Limerick.

It can be found on your maps situated very close to the village of Newport, in Co Tipperary.

The Glens are a natural gorge through which the Clare River flows, and provides an excellent walking area with scenic views from all sides.

A nature trail, which is well signposted, has been mapped in a looped or course – like format, which opens up all areas of the Glens to the walker, incorporating natural rock pools, rapids and waterfalls.

This forest park is situated in a small hilly area and there is a profusion of natural flora and an abundance of indigenous birds and other wildlife.

Keep an eye out for the rare red squirrel which frequents this area and should you visit during late May or early June, expect the river valley to be literally choked with blossoming rhododendrons.

This is indeed an extremely picturesque location and a landscape photographers delight.


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