Weld AIB Bank’s Top Brass To Wind Turbines As Rotating Monuments

frank-mockler-copyFrank  Mockler, a local farmer from Thurles in Co. Tipperary, suggested to those assembled at the recent AIB bank’s AGM that the “top brass” in AIB should now be welded to wind turbines to stand as “rotating monuments to our national greed”.

Some shareholders present were highly amused at his vision, but Mr Mockler, who was attending his first bank AGM, having driven over 100 miles from his home, was far from gleeful. Mr Mockler, who had travelled to attend the event with his friend and fellow shareholder, Denis Walsh, continued “When our children ask what became of our accumulated wealth, we can use the well known lines from the Bob Dylan lyric, ‘the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind’,” he stated.

Mr Mockler, together with his friend had both lost considerable funds as a result of their misplaced trust in AIB investments. While not depending on this money, Mr Mockler had hoped to pass it on to benefit his families future, and watching a wind farm operating near his home had given him the inspiration for his turbine idea.


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