Law Society of Ireland – Practice Management Task Force Meets

Thurles town is now being fast recognised as the ideal conferencing and employee training centre for business groups.

Why Thurles?

(a) – Its central location and positioning cuts back dramatically on associated costs, e.g. travelling expenses paid to delegate representing their respective trades and businesses from surrounding counties.
(b) – A more than adequate train service, but if you choose to drive here there is ample free and secure car parking available at all conference centres.
(c) – Costs, for essential overnight accommodation & food are considerably less than currently offered in larger Irish cities.
(d) – Essential fast IT broadband connection is available at all conferencing locations. (UPC -10113kbps download with1449kbps upload. Eircom – 3kbps download etc.)

It is not surprising therefore that the Law Society of Ireland should choose Thurles for their next seminar entitled Changing the Traditional Methods of practice for Increased profitability“. The  Practice Management Task Force of the Law Society, established by the current President of the Law Society, Mr James McGuill will shortly host the first of these seminars in Thurles at the Horse and Jockey in Thurles, Co. Tipperary on 8th October, 2.00pm – 5.30pm.

One of the functions of this Task Force will be to ensure that Solicitors understand their cost base and obtain reasonable remuneration for the services they provide. This seminar will show members how to be profitable in challenging times and will highlight the benefits of changing the traditional methods of practice to achieve this aim.


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