Spring Awakening – New Musical Hits West End Soon

Thurles has a strong association and appreciation of musical theatre, one which the town and its many musical groups and societies have been nurturing for many years. Vincé Productions and its Thoroughly Modern Musical brand have set a new precedent for musical awareness in Thurles one which has over the last two years has been introducing Thurles audiences to new musicals experiences. Spring Awakening is one such example.

Spring Awakening is arguably dramatic literatures best kept secret. Written in 1891, its author, one Frank Wedekind, remains synonymous for a play that’s depiction of the transparent forbidden indulgences and taboo real life experience of the teenage psyche, has seen it inherently banned from viewing audiences for well over a hundred years. The sexual consciousness and invariable unconsciousness of the play’s teenage contingent have remained Spring Awakening’s focus for contention, a contention which resonates as strongly in 2008 as it did way back in 1891. And yet Spring Awakening’s reinterpretation, it’s reawakening as a piece of musical theatre on 21st century Broadway has spawned more support, goodwill and success than any controversy attributed to its content ever has.

Debuting on Broadway in late 2006 and hitting the West End this coming January 2009, Spring Awakening is perhaps the most refreshing, unforgiving and emotionally charged musical set piece to have taken to the stage in years. It is so beautifully balanced and crafted. It’s gritty and subversive themes are interwoven with a brilliant rock and popscore provided by Duncan Sheik, with lyrics by Steven Sater. It’s a musical for the Ipod and MTV generation, something that teenagers and young adults the world over can appreciate.

The original Broadway cast featured the talents of Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele and John Gallagher to name but a few, all of whom has unwittingly become the voices for a teenage generation struggling to interpret the world around them. Songs such as ‘My Junk’, ‘Bitch of The Living’, ‘All That’s Known’ and ‘Song of Purple Summer’ have all in there own subtle way become the musical anthems for this new generation. Eight Tony Awards later and as anticipation builds for its arrival in London next January, Spring Awakening and the power of its message cannot be underestimated. This is a musical which is rewriting the rules of musical theatre as it sees fit.


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