TACD – Behind the Camera

If you are wondering what those video cameras were doing in Liberty Square last Saturday?  Well, wonder no more. We let loose our news hounds who quickly tracked them down.

TACD (The Thurles Action for Community Development) are making a DVD to create awareness of UN Anti-Poverty Day (Oct. 17th 2008) and were interviewing the general shopping public to ascertain their views & comments about world poverty.  They want your views on the different types of poverty existing and how people are affected.

So you ladies, next time you go shopping in Thurles, loose those wellingtons, put on your best flowery frock, emphasise those cheekbones with rouge, as Hollywood may beckon. Seriously folks, over the next 10 to 14 days more of their camera crews will be out & about and you may be approached & asked to give your comment. Your views do really matter on this subject, so behave & cooperate. We will keep you posted.


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