Music Concert – Not To Be Missed

Since 1998 Phoenix Productions has delighted Thurles audiences with its annual musical productions & cabarets. Now in 2008, Phoenix celebrates its 10th anniversary. It’s been a long 10 years but somehow they have managed to get there. They have wandered down the yellow brick road, taken a trip to the jungle of Nool, matched seven brides with seven brothers, hung out in Rydell High with the T-Birds and have attempted to reform crooked gamblers in 1950’s New York. Throw in one man eating plant and you get some idea of where Phoenix Productions have come & gone during the past 10 years.

In recognition of their 10th birthday, Phoenix Productions is happy to announce ‘Seasons of Love’, a gala concert which will recall their fans best loved moments from past performances. Dates to plan for are Oct 10th & 11th next, when cast members past & present will unite for what promises to make the music lovers fantasy very much a reality.

Dates :- Oct 10th & 11th
Venue:- Premier Hall Thurles.

Source – Phoenix Productions


8 comments to Music Concert – Not To Be Missed

  • Wishing Gerard and the Phoenix gang all the best for their upcoming anniversary show!
    Thanks for 10 years of great entertainment! Looking forward to many more!

  • Argo

    Phoenix is great. Can’t believe there 10 years old already. Heres to the next 10. See you in October……….

  • Cartman

    Hope they do something from little shop of horrors. Some show. Can’t wait for this gala.


    A beautiful reflection of times past. Music devine. Wel done everybody

  • Benjamin

    10 years! Wow. 10 years young and many more to come. Best of luck to everyone in the up coming gala.

  • Gar

    This site is something that the town will benefit from for many years to come..!! A big well done to phoenix on there recent production of high school musical it was great to be a part of something so special..!!But now that it is over and rehearsals have commenced for the gala concert, it looks to be yet another explosive performance from the cast of yet another phoenix show..!! Well done and let the success prosper..!!

  • siobhan

    Phoenix productions is an amazinggroup that nurtures the musical talents of the young people of Thurles. It has played a huge role in my life for many years and continues to do so. Congratulations to veryboy involved on 10 years of amazing entertainment in Thurles and heres to an amazing gala concert and the next 10 years o fantastic entertainment!!!

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