FSAI Food Alert – Recall Batch Of Ecosana Copo Teff Bio.

Food Safety Authority of Ireland recall of a batch of Ecosana Copo Teff Bio (Organic Teff Flakes) due to presence of tropane alkaloids.

Alert Summary dated today Tuesday, April 30th 2024.

Category 1: For Action.
Alert Notification: 2024.16.
Product Identification: Ecosana Copo Teff Bio, pack size: 500g.
Batch Code: C11109, best before date: 28/02/2025.
Country Of Origin: Spain.

Message: The above identified batch of Ecosana Copa Teff Bio (Organic Teff Flakes) is being recalled due to the presence of tropane alkaloids. A recall notice has been emailed to online shoppers.
Tropane alkaloids are naturally occurring plant constituents found in a variety of plant species. Plants produce tropane alkaloids to protect themselves from predators (e.g. insects). Contamination of food can occur if parts (mostly seeds) of tropane alkaloid containing plants are unintentionally harvested with agricultural crops.

Nature Of Danger: Symptoms can include a change in heart rate, decreased salivary and sweat secretion, pupil dilation, dizziness, headache, nausea, hallucination and disorientation.

Action Required:
Consumers are advised not to eat the implicated stated batch.


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