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International Space Station Over Thurles Tonight

ISS Front View

The International Space Station (ISS) is making yet another pass over Thurles tonight. The last passes over Ireland mentioned on thurles.info have been quite spectacular and tonight should be no different, showing a magnitude of -3.0 (Very Bright).

With our sky presently showing broken cloud, it looks like the ISS will be easily spotted for about 3 minutes, as it moves at high speed across our air space.

The station will come into view from a westerly direction at a maximum elevation of 42° South over Thurles at 10.20pm precisely and will be gone from view by 10.23pm travelling eastward.

If the sky remains clear, you will have no problem picking out this space station which appears as a very bright star moving very fast from west to east, as you look directly south.

To keep track of the ISS and other satellite flyovers click Here.


Clancy Construction Win Moyross Regeneration Contract

Clancy Construction Thurles Co Tipperary.

The Minister of State, for the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, (With responsibility for Housing and Planning,) Mr Willie Penrose,  yesterday announced that building will start next month on 33 apartments and houses in the Moyross area of County Limerick, as part of the city’s promised massive regeneration project.

This will be the first project in the planned overall €330million Moyross Regeneration project.

This new, starting development will consist of a mix of 20 one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, designed to accommodate senior citizens, together with a further 13 family units, which will be built at Cliona Park, in Moyross.

The signing of the €5.5 million contract to commence this work was completed yesterday between the regeneration team and successful local building company Clancy Construction here in Thurles, Co Tipperary.

Clancy Construction has been in construction and development since the 1940s. Originally a traditional family business, the company has grown to employs in excess of 250 full-time employees and specialise in developing large scale projects nationwide. The company has vast experience in commercial, public sector, and residential development, and are renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and the quality of their workmanship.

Mr Penrose stated that the present Government were fully committed to completing this project and funding for further building would remain a priority, despite a comprehensive spending review being currently undertaken across all government departments.

Clancy Construction are expected to begin work on this development next month.


Templemore Garda College Will Remain Open

Noel Coonan with Alan Shatter

Minister Alan Shatter has assured Deputy Noel Coonan that Templemore Garda College will remain open.
The Minister for Justice Alan Shatter addressed Templemore Town Council last Thursday where he passionately assured all present that: “There was never ever any doubt of any description that Templemore Garda College would close. It represents a crucial part of the architecture of our Garda force and is here to stay.

Minister Shatter also moved to reassure all present that he “hopes to resume recruiting within 18 months.”  These words of fortitude and reassurance were given following a passing out ceremony in the Garda College.

Minister Shatter continued: “The financial envelope handed down from the last Government has put huge constraints on our economic activities but we have to abide by it. There is no means of raising additional moneys; arrangements have been entered into with the IMF/EU bailout. We will know a lot more next March about where we stand financially and it will be clearer then when recruiting can recommence.

Deputy Coonan welcomed the Justice Ministers’ comments and thanked him for agreeing to address the council. The local Fine Gael TD also outlined that it was the last Government who undertook to reduce Garda numbers to 13,500 by the end of this year, and to 13,000 by the end of 2014 but the Garda College remains one of the leading police academies worldwide.

The Minister also said that if a greater number of the Garda force retire than anticipated in the coming year then that may bring forward recruitment. “Recruits will be brought back in as soon as the force meets limits outlined by the IMF. I’m very conscious of the importance of the Garda College to this area and it’s crucial it stays vibrant. I have a great affection for the college and we are constantly looking at initiatives that can benefit from skills and facilities within the college. For example, the college could be utilised to provide police training for other countries or used by groups such as those participating in the London Olympics. These discussions are at a very early stage but these initiatives would bring revenue and tourism to Templemore. The backlog of in-service training will now commence and I want to compliment the management of the college who have put these in place. We have more gardai now that we had at the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland and we still have a strong and superbly trained force.” said Minister Shatter.

In conclusion, Deputy Coonan asked the Minister if extra patrol cars could be allocated to Templemore Garda Station as they currently have one small car to cover a huge area. Minister Shatter gave reassurances that he will raise the issue with the Garda Commissioner.


Tipperary Target Australian Tourists

Australian breakfast TV watchers will this week get a glimpse of some of Ireland’s key tourist attractions, including outlaw Ned Kelly’s Tipperary connection.

Emma Freeman

Today’s,’ weather presenter the lovely Emma Freeman will entice Aussie holidaymakers to come to visit Ireland, as she delivers live weather bulletins from various locations across Ireland over a three day period.

The breakfast TV show ‘Today,’ which appears on channel 9, is broadcasting live from Ireland this week to over 1 million people across Australia. The broadcasts will begin each evening at 9.00pm, which is 6.00am in Australia the following day, and will go out live during this top-rated show.

Ms Freeman also took the opportunity this evening to highlight County Tipperary, broadcasting from McCarthy’s Bar, in Fethard, Co Tipperary, where she explored the horse-racing traditions of this beautiful part of Ireland and looked at Tipperary outlaw Ned Kelly’s connection with the county.

Emma was contacted by the new “Hidden Tipperary” Thurles tourism group, with a view to her visiting Thurles, but alas the broadcasts will finish in Dublin tomorrow, where she will show off some of the city’s main tourist attractions to Australian viewers, broadcasting live from Trinity College.

Regrettably Australian viewers will not see the hidden primary sources relating to the 19th century leader Thomas Francis Meagher, transported for life to Van Diemen’s Land in Australia, or indeed the Borrisoleigh home of the parents of Ben Chifley, their 16th Prime Minister of Australia, to name just two connections.

But then of course no one is marketing North Tipperary as a tourist attraction. It’s such a shame really.


AIMS 2011 Results

June each year, ‘Come hell or high water,’ dozens of Ireland’s top musical societies make their annual pilgrimage down to the capital of the Kerry kingdom, to Killarney, to the highly coveted Association of Irish Musical Societies awards (AIMS). Why not, afterall this event is the Oscars of Irish Amateur Musical theatre, embracing the thirty two counties of this green and present land.

This year was to be no different, with winners of the AIMS/HB awards being announced on Saturday last, June 18th, in the Gleneagle Hotel, with some nine hundred amateur performers waiting eagerly in attendance.

As ever, Tipperary’s most talented thespians held their own and came up trumps at this years, 2011, award ceremony. Thurles Musical Society, St. Mary’s Choral Society Clonmel and Nenagh Choral Society, were among the top nominees on the night, with a further strong Tipperary representation spread out among the bevy of other worthy societies.

Clonmel and Nenagh scored individual wins on the night, with former AIMS winners Thurles Musical Society just very unlucky not to come away with a win for their much deserved “Best Visual,” and “Best Stage Management,” nominations.

Spring Awakening-2011 AIMS adjudicated 'Best Show.'

The night however belonged to Tralee Musical Society and Dublin’s new National Youth Musical Theatre-Ireland, both winning ‘Best Overall Show,’ in their respective categories for the musicals “Michael Collins,” and “Spring Awakening.”

This best show victory for “Spring Awakening,” in the Sullivan Section, is the latter’s second such win, since last September, having already won the International Festival of Light Opera in Waterford, just last November.

Particular congratulations must go out to Tipperary native Spring Awakening cast members Ed Leamy (Roscrea), Shane Willoughby (Thurles) and Chris Britton (Clonmel). You’ve done your local Musical Societies in this Premier County very proud folks.

Congratulations to everyone involved with AIMS 2011, and here’s to another fantastic year of musical theatrics.