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Is New Thurles Dump Detached Governance?

Cronyism is best described as “demonstrating partiality to long-standing friends and familiar wealthy acquaintances.” ( Ah, you know the sort of situation I mean – land and property, purchased from political party financial supporters, to build hospitals / clinics in a politicians own constituency, thus ensuring electoral area votes ahead of the next general election from grateful residents. Cash donations to County Councillors to obtain planning permission in areas prone to flooding , that sort of thing. I really shouldn’t have to spell it out for you.)

In our Ireland of today, in particular, Cronyism encourages massive support when it is aided & abetted by the wilful silence of our country’s electorate. This same silence results in meritocracy (By the latter I mean the implementation of a persons continued advancement, based solely upon their real intellectual talents.) being practically non existent, thus ultimately leading to vastly inferior local government protection services being implemented.

While cronyism might not be a factor in the case highlighted hereunder, one is forgiven for believing it may be a factor, due to the lack of local government transparency afforded to those who only attempt to protect their immediate environment.

One such example of a vastly inferior local government protection service is clearly demonstrated in the video shown hereunder. Before viewing, please do keep in mind that all the pictures, displayed in this slide show video, were photographed within 250yds to 900yds apart from each other, on the banks of the River Suir here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. The pictures of claimed illegal dumping were supplied courtesy of Cabragh / Ballycurrane Residents Association and are part of a much larger collection. This is an attempt by the residents of Cabragh / Ballycurrane to protect their immediate environment, their now negative equity property and their many children & adults, upon whom this Waste Transfer Station & Recycling Centre is now being foisted, with what they claim is improper constructive debate and lack of local government transparency.

This video we hope should also assist the people of Thurles to decide their personal future vision for the place of their birth, while also keeping in mind the film starring Julia Roberts entitled “Erin Brockovich.”

Promised key reforms and recent remarks by the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan however, would now appear to directly contradict each other, e.g. (A) The power of councillors to overturn the decisions of planning officials is to be abolished, (Section 140 of the Local Government Act). (B) Citizens to be offered a chance to raise issues in their area, such as illegal dumping on fixyourstreet.ie. (C) The Ministers own quote “The people have grown more distant and detached from a system of governance that is supposed to support them locally.”

The following statement, which has all the appearance of being an indictment of this ‘detached governance,’ was forwarded by the Cabragh / Ballycurrane Residents Association to Thurles.Info today.

Their Statement Reads As Follows:

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Esat Licence Award Challenged In Supreme Court

Mr Justice Adrian Hardiman, together with fellow Supreme Court justices have given reasons for granting, businessman Declan Ganley’s Comcast International Holdings Inc and Persona Digital Telephony Ltd, leave to proceed with actions challenging the manner in which the State’s second mobile phone licence was allocated in 1995, to Esat Digifone.

Mr Hardiman stated it would be a “disgrace to the nation and the State” if it were proven that there was any corruption at the highest level of Government, in the awarding of a mobile phone licence to Esat Digifone.

Six bidders, back in 1995, competed for Ireland’s second mobile phone licence, which eventually businessman Denis O’Brien’s firm was awarded.

The leave granted allege fraud, conspiracy, deceit, corruption and misfeasance in public office in relation to the granting of this same licence.

Comcast’s action is being taken against the Minister for Public Enterprise, former Minister and current North Tipperary Independent TD Mr Michael Lowry, Esat Telecom, Mr Denis O’Brien, Ireland, and the Attorney General. Persona on the other hand are taking their case against the Minister for Public Enterprise, Ireland and the Attorney General.

Mr Justice Hardiman stated that the integrity and reputation of Ireland, together with the rights of Persona & Comcast, required to be heard, regarding accusations of covert, devious and concealed corruption.

These actions, which had been taken first back in 2001, now challenge the awarding of this licence while also claiming millions in financial damages.   The State previously secured, in 2007, through the High Court, orders which halted such cases against the former, on grounds of inordinate and inexcusable delay, however on Wednesday last the Supreme Courts ruled that this delay was excusable, on grounds that both companies were within their rights to await the full result of the long drawn out 13-year old Moriarty Tribunal, latter which probed into the granting of same licence.

According to RTE the former Communications Minister Mr Michael Lowry has welcomed this Supreme Court decision, saying a court of law is the proper forum to critically probe this 1995 mobile licence award process.


Thurles New Deaf Outreach Service

DeafHear (DeafHear.ie.) are delighted to announce a new outreach service to be held in St Mary’s Health Centre, Thurles on Monday November 5th and Monday December 17th from 10.00am to 1.00pm.

This organisation is a registered charity and supported by the Health Service Executive (HSE.)

They will now provide free services to all ‘Deaf and Hard of Hearing,’ people and their families in Thurles and the surrounding areas, in particular those who attend the Community Audiology Clinic in the St Mary’s Health Centre.

Personnel will provide information on the services of DeafHear, advice on entitlements, information and demonstrations of Deaftech equipment such as specialised smoke alarms, phones, doorbells and TV Listening devices etc.

You can receive advice on hearing loss, hearing aids, adjusting to wearing a hearing aid and communicating in difficult listening situations. They also offer support and advice to people who experience Tinnitus.

If you have concerns about a family member be it an adult or child, you are welcome to come and speak to these professionals in the strictest confidence.Local agencies are also welcome to seek advice.

For further information please contact: Kathleen Daffy, Community Resource Officer, 1st Floor, 4 Henry Street, Limerick. Tel: 061-467494 or 086-8112513.

Do please make sure that your elderly relatives, parents, neighbours and others are made aware of this important new local service.


Major Teagasc Pig Conference In Thurles

This year’s annual Pig Breeders conference to be held at the Horse and Jockey Hotel, Thurles on Tuesday 23rd October next, will feature a number of excellent presentations covering an array of topics with a focus on both the feed ingredient and meat markets.

With litter sizes on the increase, research from Teagasc Moorepark will address the nutritional requirements of lactating sows. Further Moorepark research will give a follow-up on previous work on carcass condemnations and some new work on Gilt Developer Diets.
Continuing to look at cost reductions, there will be a focus on what top pig producers do, what is your optimum herd size, and how to save on energy costs. There will also be an update on what’s happening in the Teagasc Pig Development Department at present.
All those involved in the sector are encourage to attend this conference, so as not to miss the opportunity to meet fellow producers and get the latest up to date industry information.

Teagasc Pig Conference

Guest Speakers will include:-

David Norris who will look at what’s driving the grain markets and what to look out for going forward.
Dave Norris is famous for his blog which look at “the grain markets from a different perspective.” UK based, he has worked in agriculture for over 30 years as a shipper, merchant, trader & broker. He specialises in market reports and commodity prices.

David Owens (Bord Bia) who will focus on the pig meat market and future prospects. David graduated from UCD in 2003 with a degree in Agricultural Science. He then completed a pHD in animal science and ruminant nutrition with Teagasc. He commenced working with Bord Bia in 2007 and spent a year as a business researcher in the Information Department where the main responsibility was the research and publication of the weekly Market Monitor. Since September 2008, he has worked in the Meat Department with responsibility for the pig meat and poultry sectors.

Other Conference Presentations:-
Teagasc update – Thurles born Ciaran Carroll (Head of Pig Development Department, Teagasc.)
How much feed do lactating sows need? – Peadar Lawlor.
Optimum herd size. – Michael McKeon.
Gilt diets to improve longevity & productivity –  Amy Quinn.
Improving pig welfare reduces carcass & financial losses – energy use on Irish pig farms –  Gerard McCutcheon.
Getting to better times – what top producers are doing –  Seamas Clarke.
Close of conference – Professor Gerry Boyle (Teagasc Director.)

Pre-registration for the conference is now open and may be made by contacting Róisín Condon (025-42330 or roisin.condon@teagasc.ie) at Teagasc Moorepark or any member of the Teagasc Pig Development Department.

Dept. Contact Details:
Address: Teagasc Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Tel: +353 (0) 25 42222, Fax: +353 (0) 25 42340, Email: info@teagasc.ie, www.teagasc.ie

Conference fee is €50 (€30 for additional attendees from the same unit.) Credit card facility available.

Further Information is also available from:- Ciarán Carroll, Head of Pig Development Department, Teagasc, Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork Tel. 025-42388 | Mob. 087-2462925 | ciaran.carroll@teagasc.ie


International Credit Union Day – Oct 18th

Thurles Credit Union Ltd will celebrate International Credit Union Day, (18th October next.) by hosting a Tea & Coffee morning in aid of MS Ireland (Tipperary Branch).

This year’s theme is “Members Matter Most.” This is the clear and simple message which summarises the very existence of credit unions. In the face of all challenges, credit unions have always existed to serve their membership.

Members Matter Most – The Credit Union Difference

Thurles Credit Union has served the local community for the last 51 years. Last year this credit union gave out 5,722 loans to the community which constituted €10,573,487 in value. That means that many families benefited directly from lending services last year. Over the last year 410 new members joined, which is a very noticeable sign that people are moving away from banks and towards credit unions.

Thurles Credit Union offers something different. They provide affordable loans and a safe place for savings.

At no cost to eligible members they also provide:-
Loan Protection Insurance on loansthat means in the event of death your credit union loan dies with you and is not passed to your estate.
Life Savings Insurancethat means that in the event of your death, next of kin will not only receive your savings but also an additional lump sum on top of that which has been built up over the term of your membership.
Nomination facilitymembers over 16 years of age can nominate a person (or persons) to receive his/her property in the credit union on his/her death. This is of benefit if the member dies without leaving a will as the property left in the credit union will not have to pass through the sometimes timely intestacy process.

Thurles Credit Union Supporting Your Local Community

In the midst of many banks closing their local branches, the continued presence of the credit union in the community is of vital importance. While providing much needed local access to financial services, the credit union also has an ethos of supporting local initiatives. Thurles Credit Union has maintained its investment in the community by sponsoring/supporting various local sporting, educational and community groups.

Thurles Credit Union is proud of the role it continues to play in being more than a financial institution but a valuable resource to its community and its people. Michael Harty, Loans & Marketing Officer of Thurles Credit Union said: “Because of our members, credit unions are able to play a vital role in the development and financial stability of the communities we serve by providing fair loans and high quality services to our members. Our strength lies in our difference and we are very proud of this fact.

So remember to drop in and say hello & put a note on your fridge door – International Credit Union Day, 18th October next, a Tea & Coffee Morning in aid of MS Ireland (Tipperary Branch).