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November 2014
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Ghost Housing Estates In County Tipperary

Tipperary For Sale

Per figures recently published by the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) based in NUI Maynooth since 2001, there are now no less than 33 “Ghost Housing Estates” vacant in Co.Tipperary. (17 in South Tipp – 16 in North Tipp)

During the period 2006-09, it appears that we have, as a nation, only now woken up to the fact that housing stock became completely devoid from any kind of realistic sensible projected planning and demand. This apparent oversight has now been further aggravated by a diminished market and an ever changing human population profile.

There were 217,101 housing units built in Ireland between April 2006 – Dec 2009. Based on 1996-2006 population growth there was a need for only about 85,446 units countrywide and we now have a potential oversupply of 131,665 units for which the lower paid working members of our Green Island are being asked indirectly to subsidise without ever getting our names on a Title Deed.

So How Did This Housing Surplus Happen?

A census here in Ireland takes place, usually, in every year that ends in a 1 or a 6 except when some national crisis rears its ugly head e.g. Famine, War or Foot and Mouth disease. ‘Census 2006′ took place on the night of Sunday, April 23, 2006. The preliminary results of the 2006 Census were published on 19 July 2006, that is three months following the actual Census Day.

The publication schedule for the Census 2006 reports can be downloaded here.

From these figures the Irish Government knew the population growth and household size for the period 1996-2006 from this 2006 Census and so they knew the number of household units that would have been required for the period 2006-09, if population growth followed this 06-09 trend.

Given this present government knew the number of house units built between April 2006 (date of the census) and 2009, for each county, they could therefore have calculated accurately the projected oversupply of units per county, based on these projected household growth and population figures.

If this data had been examined the following information would surely have been gleaned regarding Co.Tipperary.

Household growth 1996-2006 -5640.
Houses required 2006-2009 based on 1996-2006  growth figures2256.

Because of this apparent failure to examine this known collected data, by developers, bankers etc, we now find ourselves in the following position as we  go forward.

Houses built in Tipperary County 2006- 20097211.
Over supply of Building Units -4955.

This situation now leaves Co.Tipperary with a percentage of housing over supplied, amounting to 439.6% and a problem which will haunt us for the next 10 years at least.

This is what happens when no one is ‘minding the shop’ and when greed and looting within our society is routine and allowed to go unrestrained by those we elect, entrust and enhance with large salaries and bonuses, to manage our affairs.

Have you been refused finance by your bank?

Mystery Shopping: 18 - 21 Year Olds Required

Here is an interesting job, for anyone in the 18 -21 year old category, currently being offered through
It is also a warning to those in the off-licence business who may be slow to request ID when selling alcohol or tobacco products.

The job posted reads as follows:

Mystery shopping: 18 – 21 year olds required to visit off-licences in Thurles only
Grass Roots Ireland are currently looking for Mystery shoppers in THURLES only to pose as typical customers for an off licence.
Applicants must be 18 – 21 years of age as we want to see if they are asked for ID when making a purchase.
Mystery shopping is occasional, flexible work; it is not part time employment.

Grass Roots Ireland

If you are interested in receiving more information on this please answer the questions below and we will email you with further information. (Please note that you do not need to upload your C.V)


Location Various
Payment From 13 euro upwards
Category Call-Centre / Customer Service, Miscellaneous, Marketing / Market Research.
Terms Contract, Part-time
Last updated 20/01/2010
Contact Grass Roots Group

Click Here if you wish to apply.

St Patrick's Day 2010 In Thurles - American Band Wanted

St Patrick's day In Thurles

Already plans are advanced in organising this years St.Patricks Day Parade here in Thurles, Co Tipperary.

A subcommittee of Thurles Town Council, latter sponsors of this event, has just announced that our 2010 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Thurles will be held on the Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day i.e. Sunday 21st March 2010,  commencing at 2.45pm.

Their aim this year is to attract any American Marching Band which might already be over here in Ireland taking part in some of the larger city parades being held on the 17th of March and would like to add us their busy schedule.

The Thurles local community are invited to become involved by helping in many different ways, e.g. taking part in the parade, sponsorship support, attending or by donating prizes,  etc.

The Thurles Parade has grown rapidly over the past ten years and is now one of the largest small town parades in Ireland.

This years prize fund is over €3,500 which will be divided amongst various entry categories.

A grant of €250 will be available to large floats taking part with the JOC cup and €500 going to the overall winner.

Some 20 prizes and 700 medals will be presented to successful entrants.

The committee hope to make this years parade the biggest and best parade yet and invite anyone interested in taking part to contact Tom Gleeson at

Whats On In The Source Arts Centre February Next

Hereunder, is a brief sneak preview of shows planned for February 2010, at the Source Arts Centre here in Thurles.
Yes indeed, February promises to be an exiting month for all who enjoy their night out to the Theatre.

February 3rd.

The Twitters
The Twitters’ live performance presents children with classic songs like Nelly the Elephant, Puff the Magic Dragon, There’s a Big Ship Sailing on the Ille Alle O and many more, agus tá cupla amhraníocht as Gaeilge

Time: 10am and 12noon:  Ticket Price – €10.

February 4th to 25th inc.

Saints and Scholars Revisited

The Source Arts Centre

A unique virtual heritage experience, presented by Thurles Library

Time: 10am – 5pm daily

February 10th.

A Serious Man
Imaginatively exploring questions of faith, familial responsibility, delinquent behaviour, dental phenomena, academia, mortality and Judaism – and intersections thereof- this is a pitch perfect black comedy of despair.

Time: 8pm.  Ticket Price – €8/€6 concession €5 Film Club Members.

February 11th.

Eduardo Niebla
Hailed as one of the world’s great guitarists, Eduardo Niebla appears with his internationally acclaimed guitar duo (Ricardo Garcia) to present an evening of flamenco gypsy jazz.

Time: 8pm.  Ticket Price – €18/€16 concession

February 12th.

David O’Doherty: David O’Doh-Party.
Award winner returns to The Source Arts Centre with a tiny keyboard and a brand new show. Uplifting! Hilarious! Surprising!

Time: 8pm. Ticket Price - €18/€16 concession

February 13th.

Nun the Wiser
Sister Triona recounts the bittersweet, comic story of a modern, emancipated woman answering ‘The Call’ and reveals what really goes on beneath the habit.

Time: 8pm. Ticket Price - €18/€16 concession

February 22nd to 27th inc .

Thurles Drama Group Present “The Aristocrats” By Brian Friel
Three sisters and their ‘peculiar’ brother are home for a family wedding. An unexpected tragedy disturbs arrangements. Exploration of family and other relationships highlight the impact of unreal expectation in a home where they were ‘different’ from the villagers.

Time: 8pm. Ticket Price – €15/€10 concession

Thurles Race Meeting Cancelled

Thurles Race Course

Horse Racing Ireland has confirmed that Thursday’s all-hurdle meeting at Thurles Race Track has been abandoned.
Officials at the Tipperary venue called off the meeting as the track was found to be unfit following an earlier inspection today.

Thurles are also due to stage an all-chase card on Friday, but the chase track is currently unfit for racing.
The situation regarding the rescheduling of the fixture will be made in due course.