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New Broadcasting Charge Due In Value For Money Report

Rte.ieNews of further possible taxation as Labour Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte states that everyone will now have to pay a new ‘Broadcasting Charge,’ latter which will replace the annual TV Licence. This charge will be made, regardless of whether or not you actually own a Television Set.

The Minister has informed the Dáil that he is due to receive a ‘Value For Money Report,’ (Probably the first one in the history of the Irish State.) recommending the best way to implement this new Broadcasting Charge. Same report is expected to be ready by the end of March.

The new charge will take account of the fact that people, who may not own actual TV receiving equipment, just maybe viewing TV programme content on mobile devices such as Smart phones, Tablets or Laptops. Let’s therefore call this new tax for what it really is, “The Technology Tax.”

Like Water Charges, Household Charges, Septic Tank Charges & Property Tax, Labour Minister Pat Rabbitte believes that his new Broadcasting Charge or Technology Tax should be implemented on every home in the country regardless, since access to programme content is not dependent on the ownership of just a Television Set.

Minister Rabbitte stated, “Everybody benefits from the availability of these services, regardless of how content is accessed or relayed to the public, and therefore it is my view that the cost should be borne by society as a whole.”

Are we, the taxpayer, to now pay for the compensation correctly paid to Fr Kevin Reynolds, latter seriously libelled and defamed by false allegations in ‘Mission to Prey,’ by an over paid RTÉ gutter press, who seriously believe they are entitled to the same pay as professional footballers?

Can we expect RTÉ cameras ‘to roll,’ shortly in an effort to depict why the world should now visit our ‘green red-necked abode,’ during this year’s “The Gathering 2013,” instead of being recommended, in repeat programmes, to take Airboat Rides in Orlando’s Florida Everglades?

Can our children perhaps expect to view some educational children’s programmes, during and around the time we air “Judge Judy,” perhaps in the not too distant future?

TV Licences do not exist, at all, in Australia, so surely if we, The Taxpayer, must fund RTÉ salaries & programming, then we should also have some small control over its current programming content or must we continue to seek out foreign channels that actually do entertain?


MO, INMO, CPSU & Unite, Exit Croke Park Talks

lansdowne_houseAs was forecast, four Unions, all claiming the Government’s Austerity agenda is totally unacceptable, have walked out of current Croke Park discussions this evening.

The unions involved are; Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), Irish Medical Organisation (IMO), Civil Public and Services Union (CPSU) and Unite.

All those who have exited the talks have described the present Coalition Government’s demands, which aimed at cutting an extra €1bn from the State payroll, by introducing premium payments for working evenings and weekends, outsourcing, and wage cuts for higher paid public servants, as totally unrealistic.

Irish Medical Organisation’s (INMO) General Secretary Liam Doran stated that if the Government moved to legislate for pay cuts, they would mobilise ‘by all means at their disposal,’ to resist these measures and threatened that they would be looking very long and hard at TDs who entered Leinster House to cut the pay of people earning only half their wages. INMO state that this decision to withdraw was taken by their Executive Council after it became apparent that there was no possibility of the ongoing process continuing to protect the existing income of their members.

Ireland’s largest public sector union IMPACT, have confirmed that they will be remaining in the talks for the time being, thus leaving limited negotiations still ongoing.


North Tipperary Rate Defaulters To Be Named & Shamed

MacGrathRatepayers, whose accounts show outstanding arrears on the books of North Tipperary Co Council and who are making no effort to pay their legal & just dues, are to be publicly “named and shamed.” So stated County Manager Mr Joe MacGrath at last Monday’s official meeting of North Tipperary Co Council.

Accounts show that more than 20% of all Rate Payers in North Tipperary are now in arrears, with in excess of €1.8 million of these taxes remaining uncollected, carried forward from the Council’s fiscal year 2012.

Mr MacGrath is gravely concerned regarding North Tipperary Co Council’s ability to deliver full services,  while some Rate paying business people, who owe water charges, are refusing to pay or in simply in arrears.

Mr MacGrath stated, that within the Council’s defaulting category, there were a few ratepayers who had made no attempt whatsoever to pay and were frustrating the Co County Council appointed Rate collectors.

While appreciating the current very difficult trading environment now facing many business people in North Tipperary, Mr MacGrath stated that the majority of ratepayers had fully engaged with the Co Council, and where deemed necessary, some had worked out a future payment plan to fully meet their legal commitments.

Manager MacGrath intimated that defaulting Rate Payers were now being put on full & final notice as to North Tipperary Co Council’s future intentions, and he encouraged those who were struggling or refusing to pay their rates, to now engage in dialogue, discussing their particular problems with his Council’s Collection Officials.


Yet Another 200 Jobs To Go In Tipperary

Abbott Pharmaceuticals Clonmel.

Abbott Pharmaceuticals Clonmel.

The top range pharmaceuticals and medical devices firm Abbott announced yesterday that it is seeking 200 redundancies from its now permanent workforce.

Abbott is to lay off the workers at its Clonmel manufacturing plant here in Co Tipperary, due to a downturn in current demand for its older range of products.

Redundancies are being sought, on a voluntary basis, from the companies some 1,400 workforce and a thirty day consultation period on these expected redundancy is being now implemented.

It is further understood that 39 employees, currently working on a contract basis, will not have their contracts renewed with same expiring at the end of March 2013.

The Clonmel site will now focus primarily on the manufacture of newer, more advanced medical devices, with capital investment to be made available.

This shock to Clonmel comes as Labour Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton states “We want a system that actively encourages everybody to be involved in working, because again coming back to children who are at risk of poverty or poor outcomes, the worst outcomes are for children who are in families where none of the adults in the household are working.”

Tipperary unemployed people now respectfully ask, “Minister Joan Burton & Minister Richard Bruton, please show us where we can apply for work here in County Tipperary.”

Ministers Burton & Bruton, we are aware that County Tipperary’s six TD’s cost the state over €900,000 between October 2011 and October 2012, including €300,646 in untaxed expenses for the same financial period, based on official records released by the Houses of the Oireachtas.
We will not discuss the other added income perks such as:- Access to a Dáil Gym, a subsidised Dáil Bar and Restaurant, free Postage Stamps, free Christmas Cards, Tax advice and of course unlimited Ink Toners.

Meanwhile despite the above, not one of these, our six elected representatives, have managed to create one solitary job here in Midland Tipperary, since entering office.


Annie Cutz Hair In Thurles

Annie Cutz Ltd, is the latest new & modern business to open here in Thurles, County Tipperary. This new business, under the qualified management of Ann Marie Ryan, offers its customers the services of Qualified Hair Stylists, Colourists and Up-Stylists.

Situated on Thomond Road, South of Liberty Square in Thurles, at the premises formerly frequented by the ESB, this building’s interior has now been completely revamped, offering its clientèle an uncluttered, streamlined, sleek and open spaced modern style interior.  Furniture is upholstered in leather adding richness to the space with counter tops in glass & polished chrome, all providing a cosy & comfortable atmosphere.

Ann Marie Ryan is no stranger to Thurles or indeed Tipperary people as a whole. Born in Holycross and currently residing in Borrisoleigh, thousands of her former customers will remember her, during her many years as a leading hair stylist at INC & HALO Hair Designs, as is indeed confirmed by the hundreds of Good Luck Cards, Mass Cards and Text Messages she has received in the past number of days, since opening her new premises.

Ann has chosen the position for her new premises well, being one of the few businesses now in the heartland of Thurles to provide totally free parking 365 days a year, thus saving her valued customers €1.50 per hour in normal car parking charges. Note: Direct admittance to the free parking area can be entered via the side of her own business premises on Thomond Road or through Ely’s Centra forecourt on Slievenamon Road.

Working with an experienced backup team consisting of staff members Suzanne Connors & Rebecca Maher, Ann Marie, based on over 12 years of professional experience, has chosen to support the new range of Revlon Professional Equave & Alfaparf Milano instant beauty products, same which are available directly from her Salon here in Thomond Road, Thurles.

Annie Cutz Ltd also offer their clientèle an early morning hair service, aimed to cater for the needs of wedding groups, from the privacy of the prospective brides own home, or from her Salon on Thomond Road, including pre-trial hair sessions.

We wish Ann Marie Ryan & Annie Cutz Ltd every success in this new & exciting enterprise.