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St. Patrick’s College Thurles Crowned All-Ireland Champions

 Ailbe Power (Two-Mile Borris), Barry McLoughlin (Thurles), & Liam Cullen (Thurles) pictured receiving their Fergal Maher Cup Medals from hurling legend Jimmy Doyle

St Patrick’s College Students L-R: Liam Cullen (Thurles), Barry McLoughlin (Thurles) & Ailbe Power (Two-Mile Borris), receiving their Maher Cup Medals from Tipperary hurling legend Mr Jimmy Doyle.

Pictured above are Thurles & District victorious St. Patrick’s College hurlers, who were recently crowned All-Ireland Champions, having won the Fergal Maher Cup for the second time in just three years.

The combined winning team of students who attend St Patrick’s College Thurles & who hail from the surrounding counties of Kilkenny, Wexford, Limerick, Tipperary and Galway, were presented with their medals at a special ceremony held in the College on Wednesday last.

The medals were presented by Tipperary hurling legend Mr Jimmy Doyle, who congratulated the hurlers on their skills & dedication to the game.

This successful third level Thurles College, which tenders quality University-Level Programmes, dates back to 1837 & currently offers a range of courses, both full-time and part-time in the fields of Education, Business, Religion, Theology, Philosophy, Pastoral care and Psychology.


Apply Now For TCU Leaving Cert Student Bursary Scheme

TCUThurles Credit Union has announced the launch of its Annual Student Bursary Scheme, and to this end are inviting applications from all eligible Leaving Certificate students to apply for these significant financial bursaries on offer.

Credit Union President, D. J. Darcy, said that “The Credit Union was very pleased to sponsor the Student Bursary once again,” and referred to the excellent response among all the secondary schools in the area to the scheme in 2012.

Speaking at the 2013 Launch, Mr. Darcy said “The costs of third-level education have risen considerably in the past few years and we feel that this is an excellent way of easing the burden on hard-pressed parents in these difficult times.” He urged all those students with ambitions to go to Third-Level College in the next academic year, to immediately submit an application.

Marketing Officer, Michael Harty, stated “Thurles Credit Union’s bursary is different from most other similar schemes in that is not based on academic achievements but solely on ‘the luck of the draw,’ for all the eligible students.” He stated they are offering bursaries with a total value of €3,500 to applicants from within their Common Bond.

The Bursary Scheme is open to all eligible Leaving Certificate Students who intend pursuing a full-time third level course for the first time this year. Applicants must have a Thurles postal address and either the student, or a parent or guardian, must be a member of Thurles Credit Union. Leaving Certificate Students, who are not members at present, can join Thurles Credit Union and enter the bursary competition. The closing date for entries is June 1st 2013.

The Bursaries will be drawn by lottery from amongst all the qualifying entries, under the supervision of a Peace Commissioner.

Entry forms are currently being distributed to all the secondary schools in the area, and students from Thurles attending schools outside the area can apply to the Credit Union offices in Thurles, Urlingford or Killenaule.

More Information: Visit Website, Facebook, Twitter Account, or simply Telephone 0504 91700.


Hayes Hotel Thurles Appoints New Operations Management

Hayes Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary

Hayes Hotel, Thurles, Co Tipperary

Joint receivers have been appointed to the land mark Hayes Hotel here in Thurles, and the Creggan Court Hotel, in Athlone, Co Westmeath, it has been confirmed today.

Kieran Wallace and Padraic Monaghan of KPMG accountancy have been put in place as joint receivers of both establishments.

KPMG have also announced new management operators for both hotels, with the Creggan Court, being now managed by Pillo Hotels Limited with immediate effect.

Leinster Overview Concepts Limited we understand will take over the running of the famous Hayes Hotel, best known as being the birthplace of the GAA, since back in 1884.

The receivers have confirmed that business will continue as normal at both hotels and there will be no noticeable interruptions to current day-to-day trading activity.

Both hotels will continue to fully honour all customer bookings, all deposits and all current memberships.

Despite confirmation, the appointment of new management operators will be seen here by Thurles residents as yet another blow to an already ailing uncertain rural town economy.

I trust that now many of our readers will more fully understand the reason for our recent “tirades,” regarding the Derrynaflan Hoard and the importance of profiling our badly neglected tourism industry in Thurles.


Thurles Co Tipperary – Pause & Imagine For Just A Moment

It has just been announced that more than 807,000 visitors attended the new Titanic centre in Belfast during its first year. The attraction, built at a cost £77 million, overlooks the slipways, where the legendary liner was launched, attracted tourists from some 128 countries worldwide in one year.

Meanwhile the total visitor figures to the 4 sites owned by the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin for 2011 were 1,096,027.

RhinoThe Dublin Kildare Street Museum houses “The Treasury – Celtic and Early Christian Ireland,” exhibition, a collection of masterpieces from Celtic and Early Christian Ireland, which contains the recently conserved Tipperary owned Faddan More Psalter & the Tipperary owned Derrynaflan Hoard.

These above named two items in this Dublin exhibition, should by now be sitting in the Exhibition Centre at The Source Arts Centre, complex, but alas, due to in fighting amongst local councillors, and helpless Co Councillors & TD’s same remains to the benefit of Dublin’s continuously rising economy.

This Dublin Museum now boasts, at the expense of employment in Thurles, that it has had the 2nd highest tourism figure ever, with an overall 10% increase on the previous year 2011.   You do not believe me?  Then please CLICK HERE folks.

Thurles – Imagine For Just One Moment

Let us all imagine, for just one moment, that if only one third ( 365,342 visitors ) of the National Museum of Ireland’s visitors arrived in Liberty Square, Thurles, in any one year period, the difference it would make to our rural economy, in relation to full-time & part-time employment. Imagine the increase in revenues that would be returned to this present sleepy government.

 A Pinch Of Powdered Rhino Horn Anyone?

Rhino heads and horns worth €500,000 were ‘pinched,’ possibly by an Irish organized crime gang, from the National Museum of Ireland’s warehouse, in Swords, Co Dublin, late on Wednesday night last. The National Museum’s previous excuse, which usually stated that only it had the necessary security to protect our national heritage, has just evaporated. This also now begs the question, why were there any artefacts stored, not being made available for viewing by our visiting guests of the Irish Nation, especially during the year of “The Gathering.”?

In our submission to Minister Jimmy Deenihan some five months ago we stated:

“Finally, we would request the Minister (Jimmy Deenihan) to immediately order a full audit of the National Museum’s present artefacts, with special emphases to be placed on items currently not on display, e.g. Sheela-na-gigs, guns, swords etc, which would further benefit other tourist centres / museums etc. within the Irish mid-lands in particular & which would in turn further encourage / tease visitors to travel …”

It would appear that despite the existence of so many small wonderful museums, right throughout the heartland of Ireland, Dublin has decided that if history cannot be viewed by tourists in “The Pale,” Irish history cannot be viewed at all.

Where now are the Thurles chests, proudly displaying the powerful “Chains of High Office,” & those others claiming to be Community Leaders, when we need them?

Note: According to the Irish Examiner, dated yesterday, employment levels in firms supported by the IDA/Enterprise Ireland (EI) have decreased by more than 19,400, or 6%, to 281,965 in the past five years.  Dublin and Cork accounted for three-quarters of all net job increases at IDA companies in 2012.  At the same time, Tipperary, Kildare & Leitrim, experienced net losses, yet our County & Town remains silent.


Thurles – “Gi’s A Job!” Minister Bruton

In the words of talented singer / songwriter Bruce Springsteen (Album “Wrecking Ball.”)

“The banker man grows fatter, the working man grows thin,
It’s all happened before and it’ll happen again,

Rural Tipperary Dogs Must Continue To Eat Of The Crumbs Which Fall From Their Masters’ Table

A submission request, seeking the repatriation of the Derrynaflan Hoard back to its home in Thurles Co. Tipperary has possibly fallen on deaf ears, or maybe it is a case of local politicians & Tipperary Councillors being ‘deaf in one ear and unable to hear with the other.’

Either way rural townships, like Thurles, are struggling desperately, with unemployment the single greatest stumbling block to local consumer spending.

Nationally “The Gathering 2013,” was an excellent government proposal, however the policy of continuing to fund & attract visitors to the Gateways of Ireland only; i.e. Our coastal towns & cities like Tralee, Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Waterford etc, at the expense of midland counties, is having a major effect on our Irish heartland communities.

These local communities in midland counties, like Tipperary, are becoming dangerously despondent, cynical, unenthusiastic & lifeless. Events designed to attract & continuing to be run by a remaining few well meaning & strong willed committees in midland areas, now fail to draw previously expected support, mainly because of the total lack of ‘public purse,’ funding being generously doled out only to what are described as the “Gateways to Ireland.”

(1) During the life time of our last government, over €1million was spent to attract British tourists to Dublin, by the quango previously known as the Board of Dublin Tourism now re-employed as Fáilte Ireland employees with a similar Dublin Tourism only aim.

(2) In 2013, €5 million was laid aside for Marlborough Street Bridge in Dublin, covered by the NTA (National Transport Authority), through funding provided by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

(3) In January last Minister for Arts Jimmy Deenihan announced that Dublin’s National Gallery is to get a €20 million upgrade, thus forming a key part of the plans for the 1916 centenary commemorations in Dublin.

(4) North Tipp Labour Minister Alan Kelly announced, last February, €5 million in funding for sustainable transport projects, for guess where, yes Dublin; €2.6 million to expand the Dublin Bikes scheme as far as Kilmainham, €1.5 million for improvements to the Thomas St. / James’s Street bus-lane to shorten bus journeys from Ballyfermot and the west of the City, €250,000 to extend the existing Chapelizod – Heuston Liffey Cycle Route as far as the City Centre, €120,000 to plan an upgraded cycle-lane from the Blackhorse Bridge down Davitt Road as far as Portobello, €60,000 for pedestrian improvements in Inchicore Village &  €40,000 for traffic management on Inchicore Road. These funds come as part of a €23 million allocation for the Dublin City Council area, which also includes funding for street resurfacing across the city, designing a new cycle network, and other measures that will benefit all areas of Dublin.

The list of funding for our capital city is endless, including constant job announcements,  thus demonstrating that our Dublin must be taken care of as a number one priority, while not so much as a ‘red cent,’ is to be spent in promoting much of Tipperary & Thurles. In relation to Thurles, just one example of incompetence can be found by Checking HERE. Note Discover Ireland has conveniently forgotten the Thurles Butler connection.

The Derrynaflan Hoard and its arrival back home to Thurles, is now a must, for reasons already discussed HERE and sent to Minister Leo Varadkar in December 2012. (Five Months ago.)  Had a decision been made, we would now have an attraction for which the current non-existent bus tour operator would immediately have included in their daily itineraries. Events could have been organised around its arrival and we could have worked together to create some small much needed employment on the back of its repatriation.

Obviously the return of these wonderful pieces of Tipperary owned Irish heritage will generated a certain resistance by others, in particular those whose economies stand to gain most at Tipperary’s expense, namely Dublin. The urgency with regard to a government decision in the repatriation of the Derrynaflan Hoard, back to Thurles, is now paramount to our town’s very existence, which has seen 14 businesses fail in just 12 months on Friar Street, Thurles alone.

Since our local elected representatives appear helpless, you our readers can assist by emailing the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton at minister@djei.ie.  Remember a simple “Copy & Paste,” of the link (http://www.thurles.info/2013/04/20/thurles-gis-a-job-minister-bruton) emailed to the Minister’s Office will suffice. Alternatively, share this Blog on your Facebook Time Line.

If you have a favourite Minister you would like to contact, chances are, you can find all their Email addresses HERE.

Ministers, we also would like to be in a position to pay the heavy burden of taxation your government have levied on us, Taxes for debts brought about not by us, but by greedy Developers & Bankers, latter with which most of us had little business connections.

Note also the ransom being sought for the return of our property (€100,000 – See Noel Coonan’s correspondence in video.) is €33,000 less than the cost of sending Minister Phil Hogan & his advisor’s, jetting from Durban in South Africa to Shanghai in China and Rio de Janiero in Brazil, where he clocked up bills of €133,000 since he took office in March 2011. His 181,000km round trips in the past two years are the equivalent of a trip halfway to our moon.

Silence is no longer an option for Thurles & County Tipperary.