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North Tipperary Vintage & Machinery Club

North Tipperary Vintage & Machinery Club

When it comes to local generosity and sheer fund raising ability, for both local and national charities, no single organisation can surpass the capability of North Tipperary Vintage and Machinery Club.

The organisation is pictured here presenting a cheque for €2,200, to M S Ireland‘s community worker Ms Carol Mackenize, in Corcoran’s Pub, Two-Mile-Borris, Thurles, Co.Tipperary.

John Dunne, the Club’s Chairman, was loud in his praise of, in particular, the local population who supported their fundraising events through the past year.

Carol Mackenize of M.S. Ireland stated that this funding would now be used to assist community work, currently being carried out in the Nenagh and Thurles area.

Photo courtesy G.Willoughby.


Alan Kelly In Land Access Dispute

Public Transport Minister and North Tipperary Labour TD Alan Kelly has decided to involve himself in a court action with a 70-year-old neighbour, regarding access to a narrow laneway adjoining both their lands.

Disputed Property

The Irish Independent informs us today that this dispute has led to Mr Kelly, hiring a private security firm to block access to the 70 year old pensioner, named as Diana Whitehead, from access to this disputed access road.

The woman, who is reported as separated and living on her own, uses the road, together with local small farmers, who rent land from her, to access fields in rural Tipperary where Ms Whitehead tends to a small number of animals, including goats and donkeys.

A fence had been erected to block the road off, forcing Ms Whitehead to obtain an interim court order, allowing her pedestrian access to her property. She had previously used mechanical vehicles on the lane.

Mr Kelly and Ms Whitehead live alongside each other, outside Portroe, with both of their houses enjoying a spectacular view out over beautiful Lough Derg.

It would appear that the North Tipperary TD Mr Kelly, like his Labour party colleagues, have lost their long held belief in the teachings of James Connolly, whose education in socialism was derived from the writings of Karl Marx.

Marx, you will all remember wanted to take advantage of then existing rebellious chaos and used a newspaper, the ‘Neue Rheinische Zeitung,’ to launch his famous ten point plan, the first point of which was “The abolition of the property /ownership of land.” To use the words of Marx,  “The hierarchical structure of land ownership, and the armed bodies of retainers associated with it, give the nobility power over the serfs.

It would appear I must now re-visit and examine my own personal definition of Socialism  “Men with nothing, wishing to share it with everyone else.”

Picture courtesy Independent


Thurles Identified For Possible Schools Handover


The Roman Catholic Church has identified 47 towns and suburbs in Ireland where it is considering handing over control of it’s schools to the State.

Parents of children in these 258 schools will be asked what type of school they want into the future. The areas chosen are regarded as those with the greatest need for more choice, in relation to religious and cultural changes in their society.

The move is part of a much wider shake-up in the control of primary education, latter being recommended by an expert group, set up by Education Minister Mr Ruairi Quinn, TD.

The advisory group tasked with supplying recommendations to the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector, published their findings yesterday.

The towns where Roman Catholic schools may be handed over here in County Tipperary are Thurles, Carrick-on-Suir, Clonmel and Tipperary town.


Mark Fielding – No Vision People Perish

A speech worthy of a wider audience,” was how Tom Noone, the acting Master of Ceremonies, ably described it on Saturday night last, on the occasion of a banquet, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Thurles Credit Union. Fully supporting Tom’s remark, Thurles.Info is proud to publish, in full, the text of this speech, made at this event, by Guest Speaker, Thurles born, Mark Fielding, Chief Executive of ISME.

Note: ISME is the independent organisation for the Irish small and medium business sector, with in excess of 8,500 members nationwide. ISME’s mission is to independently represent, promote and support owner/managers of small and medium enterprises and be vigilant, decisive, and direct in promoting and defending their interests, while helping members to better manage and grow their business through the provision of excellent information and services.

If you are a small business presently seeking direction, a Minister or Politician (regardless of your party affiliations) a Union organiser, then this text is a must read in full, and at least twice. For in this text Mr Mark Fielding amply expresses the most intimate thoughts and feelings of the people of Ireland today, especially in the light of our current financial state.

Read Mark Fielding’s Address:

Where there is no vision the people perish.

“The founders of Thurles Credit Union in 1961 had a vision. I would like to congratulate the Thurles Credit Union, Board, Supervisors, Management and Staff and the members themselves on your anniversary, and on the valuable work that you have carried out since the inception of the organisation in 1961.

Mark Fielding, Chief Executive, ISME.

Credit unions are economically important as they mobilise household savings as loans, and socially important, as that they help create community social capital. Guided by that philosophy, the fundamental business purpose is to provide high quality financial services at fair prices to anyone who wants them. By excelling at this purpose, they build the capital reserves needed for sustainability. They are a vital store of intergenerational capital and a facilitator of community social capital.

In time consolidation may see the network consolidate down to less than 100 larger, sustainable credit unions, while maintaining most of the existing branch footprint. Wisely used, state funding will restructure credit unions into a modern credit co-operative system.

Some local politicians have accused Mathew Elderfield of driving people into the arms of loan sharks.  Perhaps they should consider why so many credit unions are in financial trouble and why others like Thurles CU are in rude health; why lending has been restricted in some and continues to grow in places like Thurles.  It is important to distinguish between a credit union and the people who govern and manage them and here again Thurles is an exemplar.

With the Government and Central Bank intent on stabilising the sector, credit unions need to realise the opportunity it proposes and through prudent management, become a leader in the sector.

When I was asked to speak on this occasion I began to think about what I would have said to a gathering of Thurles people back in 1961, the year of the birth of this fine Credit Union. So Imagine, if you would, what someone like me would say about the FUTURE, back there in 1961, allowing our fancy take flight, looking forward to the next 50 years, back then.

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Michael D Higgins Inaugurated Ninth Irish President

It was a colourful and moving ceremony today at Dublin Castle, when Mr Michael D Higgins made his Declaration of Office and received his Presidential Seal from the Chief Justice Mrs Justice Susan Denham.

Ireland's First Lady & Ninth President Elect.

Inaugural speech of President Michael D Higgins

Muintir na hÉireann and friends of Ireland at home and abroad, there can be no greater honour than to have been elected Uachtarán na hÉireann – President of Ireland. I thank you the people of Ireland for the honour you have bestowed upon me and I accept and appreciate the great responsibilities of that office. Citizens of Ireland, you have chosen me to be your ninth President, to represent you at home and abroad, and to serve as a symbol of an Irishness of which we can all be proud. An Irishness which is carried by every citizen and which we must recall and forge anew together.

I enter the ninth Presidency with a sense of humility, but also with confidence in the great capacity of our people, the people of Ireland, not only to transcend present difficulties but to realise all of the wonderful possibilities that I believe await us in the years ahead. I wish to acknowledge the immense contribution of those who have previously served in this office, particularly the two great women who have immediately preceded me.

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