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August 2014
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Thurles Man Jackie Cahill Re-Elected President ICMSA

Jackie Cahill

Jackie Cahill

Thurles farmer, Jackie Cahill has been re-elected as president of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) following a vote of the ninety nine member National Council which held yesterday at Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel, in Limerick city.
Mr Cahill, a Thurles dairy farmer, who milks 80 cows and rears 220 other stock on his 220-acre farm, has already led the organisation for four years, defeated his immediate predecessor, Co Longford farmer Pat O’Rourke by a margin of 54 votes to 45.
The 47-year old will now serve an additional two years as President of the ICMSA, allowing him to hold office for the maximum term permissible which is six years.
Mr Cahill’s victory will be seen as further vindication of the association’s current strategy in dealing with the Irish Government and the EU Commission’s dairy policy, according to sources within the ICMSA.

Free Energy Survey

Do you want to have a free and independent home energy survey carried out on your home?

Free Energy Survey

Free Energy Survey

HALO, has been developed by the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) to support Ireland’s 20% energy reduction target by 2020 as identified in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan. This is a no-obligation service which will help you to make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and, more importantly, reduce your home monthly energy bills.

Why should you apply?
In the current economic and environmental climate, there really has never been a better time to make your home more energy-efficient, while increasing its value- and you’ll save money on energy bills month after month, year after year. If you are a homeowner and your house was built before 1980, you would benefit from taking part in the HALO programme.

So what happens?
The initial energy efficiency survey is free and simply makes recommendations on the areas in your home where you could improve your energy efficiency. The survey will assess the energy efficiency of all of your current insulation, heating and lighting systems inside and outside of your home. The average wait time is around 20 days, in some areas it may vary slightly, but in general a surveyor should arrange an appointment for your Survey within 21 days. Yes, believe you me, it is totally free

Note: Unfortunately apartments are not eligible for a HALO Survey.

Afterward, the surveyor will supply you with a comprehensive report with specific recommendations on making your home more energy-efficient along with relevant cost estimates.

If you would like to advantage of this free service and apply on line, click here or phone their Customer Care team at 1850 372 333.

Note: ESB Energy Services are not selling any products or services; they’re simply providing free independent advice that will assist you in taking the necessary steps towards making your home more energy efficient.

Console Yourself With The Right Video Games This Christmas

Knowing what to get your loved ones for Christmas is hard enough, but potentially buying your loved one the wrong game for their XBox, Playstation or Wii can be deadly., Ireland’s number 1 Gaming Site (Nurtured in Thurles, Revered internationally) has earmarked their picks of the consoles and games that should be sitting under everyone’s tree this Christmas.

CONSOLESFor Santa or indeed parents not familiar with the current gaming trends the information supplied hereunder will be more than helpful.

Playstation 3

Sony’s black juggernaut, the Playstation 3 had a stellar 2009. If their competitors can be accused of faltering slightly in the last year, the PS3 can only be applauded for its dedication to revitalizing and strengthening its brand and consumer likability. After a price cut and a sleek redesign, the PS3 is probably the cheapest and most accessible multifunctional multimedia devise available out there this Christmas. Apart from games and free online play, the PS3 comes with a Blu-Ray drive as standard for the best film watching quality, a web browser, compatibility with PSP and enough hard-drive space (125 GB or 250 GB) to save a plethora of photos, games, music and movies. The PS3 does everything. Here all TGL’s three PS3 picks for Christmas;

1: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Uncharted 2 is the jewel in the PS3’s crown. Arguably the most graphically complete and stunningly rendered game ever made, Uncharted 2 puts you in the shoes of Nathan Drake, a descendant of Sir Francis Drake and a would be Indiana Jones treasure hunter. Uncharted 2 is an exciting and explosive title which sees you traverse the globe in search of the ancient Cintanami Stone of Shambhala. It should be a compulsory purchase for any PS3 owner.
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Thurles Born Mark Fielding ISME Speaks At Chamber Dinner

Thurles Chamber’s annual Christmas Dinner was well attended on Thursday night last, by the majority of business leaders in the town together with staff.
One of this years Special Guest Speakers was Mr Mark Fielding CEO of Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association Ltd (ISME) the Independent Business Organisation.
Speaking to those in attendance Mr Fielding stated:

Madam President Anne Strappe, Honoured Guests, Chamber Members, Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, I stand before you this evening with mixed emotions.
As a Thurles man I am humbled and proud to be asked to speak at the 2009 Thurles Chamber of Commerce Annual Christmas Dinner.

Mr Mark Fielding CEO ISME

Mr Mark Fielding CEO ISME

I am proud, as the CEO of ISME. that I represent the hopes and aspirations, the successes and failures, the hard working community that account for almost 99% of all businesses in Ireland. I represent YOU, the owner/managers of SMALL and MEDIUM BUSINESS throughout this country. I am humble because I return to the place of my birth.

I was born in Suirside; the town that educated me, from Mother Dolores’ classroom in the Ursuline laundry in Suirside, where as a two and three year old I sat with my classmates from the itinerant community, through the primary schools of the Ursulines and Scoil Ailbe and the secondary school of the Christian Brothers. The altar boys, the boy scouts, the street leagues, Thurles Sarsfields, Thurles Rugby club. Where I served my time in JJ Fielding Ltd. as a messenger boy, store boy, van boy and dog walker. As a bar hop in Tom Brereton’s, as a helper in Jackie Griffins as a footer on Tom Ryan’s bog and as an articled clerk in Chambers Fewer and Halley.

Thurles is where I first experienced the sweet taste of success where I set up my very first business and where I first felt the gloom of business failure and where I learned my first business lessons; when you see an opportunity grab it; never flaunt your success and always secure your supply chain. It was Christmas time and I had been selling penny candles to my friends and classmates in Mother Dolores’ class (actually they were getting a bargain at 2 for a penny) and spending my profits in Mrs Condon’s shop on ice cream and bubble gum and sharing my largess with all the other children on the Square. However it was on my third visit to the suppliers that my world came crashing down in Enron proportions, when Christy Deegan, the sacristan collared me with a jumper full of candles on the steps of the Cathedral. Word had got out and my first venture ended, but not before the window of every tinkers caravan was aglow with holy Christmas candles. It was 1954 and I was 4 years old.
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The Low Paid Shoulder The Burdens Of The December Budget

Last Wednesday’s Budget should have been strongly centred on job creation and sustainability but instead failed miserably to help unemployed people or employees holding onto a job by their fingernails, according to Deputy Noel Coonan. The Fine Gael TD also said this Government has effectively cancelled Christmas for a majority of the people of North Tipperary.

Deputy Noel Coonan

Deputy Noel Coonan

Deputy Noel Coonan stated:

“As a result of the Budget, we have people living on less than €100 a week. We have 315,000 public servants nationwide taking a pay cut. We have extremely irate parents suffering 4% cuts in Social Welfare. We are going to have riots on the streets and heavy industrial action. We are facing one of the worse winters in the history of the state.

The Government has pick-pocketed the most poor and sick with prescription charges for medical card holders, an increase in the drugs payment threshold and a mere €10million for home care packages. The €221million cut to child benefit will rob families of €16 per child per month and will not help get this country back to work.

The farming community has sadly been attacked once again with a 13% cut in the Department’s Budget. To ease some of the pain for this vital sector, Fine Gael called for the Government to exempt farm diesel from the carbon tax but in return they slapped 4cent on every litre. Another sector that is struggling badly are thousands of home owners who are in negative equity and under huge worry and stress. This Government has provided no real help for these people.

Who would have ever thought Fianna Fáil would stoop so low to take money off blind people and widows by reducing their pension? Meanwhile, they failed to bring those on highest incomes further into the tax net. Where is the fairness and equality in that?”

The Fine Gael Deputy went on to said that not even the lowest of the low paid will escape a wage cut. Part-time public sector workers not in the tax net and earning less than €18,500 will face a 5% drop in take-home pay, almost twice as much as a Minister for State.

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