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North Tipperary Road Funding Announced

A satisfactory roads network is essential for the efficient operation of any successful economy, particularly in rural Ireland. Our roads are also an essential communication link in supporting community development and facilitating, in particular, movement in rural areas, thus fostering social inclusion.

To this end, news that funding of over €10 million has just been announced for the upgrading, repair and development of some roads here in North Tipperary, is welcomed, but not before time.

An estimated €425,000 is expected to go towards the patching up of sections of the R503 which runs east-west from Thurles, County Tipperary to the N7 west of Limerick City. These long overdue repairs are said to take place targeting, in particular, surfaces around the villages of Rearcross and Newport. Another much needed €250,000 is targeted to provide resurfacing on the Portroe/Ballina road.

Work is also expected to be carried out on the Bridge at Templeree (€85,000) on the Templemore to Templetouhy road, while Rossestown Cross, Fogarty’s Junction in Clonmore and the Ragg Road, Templemore, are also targeted for repairs and upgrade.

Nenagh and Thurles Town Councils will each receive approximately €195,000 while Templemore Town Council will get €139,000 in funding for pre-approved schemes.

North Tipperary County Council will also receive €1.507,000 for use in funding other discretionary grant aid.

Expect the “Welcoming,” public relations, press releases from North Tipperary Politicians, claiming responsibility and credit, to begin appearing, just as soon as they find out.


Michael Lowry TD Calls For Rural Road Funding

Independent TD Michael Lowry, has requested that all Tipperary’s newly elected TD’s unite to ensure that necessary future funding for rural roads be made an immediate priority for the 32nd Dáil.


Deputy Lowry has stated, “The Rural Road Network throughout county Tipperary is crumbling. The principle factor is the lack of investment and continuous decrease in monies made available to local County Councils. The National Roads Fund decreased from €608 million in 2008 to a current figure of €294 million. In 2011 both North and South Tipperary got a total of €45 million for roads. In 2015 this had fallen to €28 million, with a further €3 million of reductions this year.

This decrease in funding has had a huge negative impact on rural communities, with many of our roads becoming extremely hazardous. Daily struggles are arising for rural school buses, and other essential service providers. In many cases these erosive conditions are creating obstacle courses which are bordering on the impassable. Drivers find themselves in dangerous situations where they are forced to drive erratically to avoid deepening potholes. Each day my office receives countless complaints from vehicle owners, where their vehicles are being damaged, tyres have been ripped off and issues are arising with steering and suspension, brought about by potholes which rapidly merge to form giant craters.

The people of Tipperary are extremely frustrated with this outgoing government and justifiably point out that as citizen’s they pay heavy car taxes, numerous charges and levies, yet the horrendous state of rural roads tolerated on a day-to-day basis in Tipperary would never be permitted to exist in our capital city. It is evident that this current administration continues to cultivate a two track society; one which offers fast urban centres, while rural Ireland is permitted to remain abandoned.

I have spoken to the CEO of Tipperary County Council, requesting that an inventory of all roads, which need repair and replacement works right across the county, be immediately established and should include reasonable estimates for all repairs and refurbishments.
I will work alongside my elected colleagues, in seeking the appropriate funding for this crisis, while exerting my influence on the introduction of a proper roads network program into the future. I have also requested that the management of the council ensure that they get satisfactory value and return for all money spent, while all future work practices remain up to a recognised standard, using quality material and ensuring proper road drainage is put in place.

The total neglect of our rural roads now requires urgent attention and the present scenario of drastically reduced infrastructural funding must be immediately reversed,” concluded Deputy Lowry.