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Tipperary Native And US Envoy Visits Northern Ireland

US Economic Envoy Declan Kelly

United States Economic Envoy Mr Declan Kelly will make a number of keynote speeches in Northern Ireland today.

His one-day visit will include a number of keynote speeches which are being hosted by the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and the University of Ulster.

Mr Kelly, a native of Portroe, Nenagh, County Tipperary, was advisor to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her campaign for the presidency.

He is also a former vice-president of FTI, a global business consultancy.


1 comment to Tipperary Native And US Envoy Visits Northern Ireland

  • […] Originally Posted by Airwave Now that Cllr Morris for S/F has thrown his hat in the ring its going to make that last seat a battle royal .Neither kelly or Hoctor wanted to see the S/F Man on the ticket as both lowry and coonan are at opposite ends of the constituency. there will be 3 fish swimming in the same pool. make no mistake Morris is very popular in the Nenagh Newport area and has been doing a lot of work on the ground. as unlike his rivals ,especially Kelly who never knocked on a door in nenagh, and has the backing of Big American Money {His brother is paymaster}.and what can you say about Hoctor, only she will need a large miracle to poll well in nenagh town after her hospital fiasco and been a member of the most corrupt government in the history of the state.No Morris will poll very well how wil will decide the last seat ,oh happy days…………………. I take it that This is his Brother you referred to: Tipperary Native And US Envoy Visits Northern Ireland | Thurles Information […]

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