Seamus Morris Sinn Féin Candidate In North Tipperary

Seamus Morris with Gerry Adams

Councillor and Nenagh town Mayor Mr Seamus Morris has been selected as the Sinn Féin candidate to represent North Tipperary in the 2011 General Election, following a Cumann meeting in Nenagh.

Seamus (Seamie) first contested the General Election in 2007 and was eliminated on the first count with 1672 first preference votes.
Seamus, a postman with An Post, is presently also a member of North Tipperary County Council and a member and Mayor of Nenagh Town Council.

In late January 2010 Seamus threatening to leave the Sinn Féin party unless there was a change to “top down diktats” from the leadership.  However, Seamus later withdrew a claim he had made in a local newspaper, claiming that Gerry Adams needed to step down as party leader. He also later denied that he said he would leave unless Mr Adams resigned. His then outburst came following three Dublin City councillors, namely Killian Forde, Louise Minihan and Christy Burke and Waterford councillor John Dwyer, announced they were leaving the party. Mr Morris claimed that Sinn Fein was committing “harakiri” and were making it hard for him to do his job, as an elected councillor.

Recently Mayor Morris stated: “While Fianna Fail worry about Fianna Fail the country goes into meltdown. They are traitors to the people in this country. They need severe hardship inflicted on them in the election. Not voting will only help them.

Mayor Morris is married with four children.

Gerry Adams

Mr Gerry Adams was re-elected as MP for West Belfast, garnering some 71.1% of the vote and following the announcement of the forced Irish general election for 2011, being held on 11 March 2011 or earlier, Mr Adams wrote to Westminster to formally resign his seat, thus enabling him to stand for election in the constituency of Louth, here in the Irish Republic.

Gerry Adams has been President of Sinn Féin since 1983. In 1987 he was instrumental in launching the party’s current peace strategy with the publication of the discussion document Scenario for Peace. This was followed in 1992 with the document Towards a Lasting Peace in Ireland.

He has travelled internationally to advance the peace process particularly in the United States, Britain and South Africa. He has also campaigned on issues of human rights and justice, including the demand for the cancellation of world debt.


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