Undeclared Wheat In Batches Of Tropical Sun Semolina Coarse.

Food Safety Authority of Ireland warn of undeclared wheat in some batches of Tropical Sun Semolina Coarse.

Alert Summary Dated Today, Thursday, May 16th 2024.

Allergy Alert Notification: 2024.A15
Allergen: Cereals containing gluten
Product Identification: Tropical Sun Semolina Coarse; pack size: 1.5kg and 5kg
Batch Code: Please see table hereunder.


The below batches of Tropical Sun Semolina Coarse contain wheat (cereals containing gluten) which is not declared in the list of ingredients. This may make the batches unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of cereals containing gluten (wheat).

1.5kg Pack.
Best Before
Batch Code.5kg Pack.
Best Before
Batch Code.
May-25 WAN0664May-25 WAN0667
May-25 WAN0661May-25 WAN0663
Jun-25 WAN0740Jun-25 WAN0742
Jun-25 WAN0710Jun-25 WAN0743
Jul-25 WAN0781Jul-25 WAN0780
Jul-25 WAN0796Jul-25 WAN0800
Jul-25 WAN0799Aug-25 WAN0797
Jul-25 WAN0784Sep-25 WAN0956
Jul-25 WAN0745Nov-25 WAN1185
Sep-25 WAN0954Nov-25 WAN1119
Sep-25 WAN1018Nov-25 WAN1188
Sep-25 WAN0745Nov-25 WAN1124
Oct-25 WAN1015Jan-26 WAN1279
Nov-25 WAN1186Jan-26 WAN1238
Nov-25 WAN1120Jan-26 WAN1321
Nov-25 WAN1187Jan-26 WAN1240
Nov-25 WAN1125Jan-26 WAN1280
Dec-25 WAN1239Feb-26 WAN1317
Jan-26 WAN1318Mar-26 WAN1525
Jan-26 WAN1236Mar-26 WAN1516
Jan-26 WAN1278Apr-26 WAN1600
Jan-26 WAN1319Apr-26 WAN1620
Jan-26 WAN1282
Mar-26 WAN1517
Apr-26 WAN1597
Apr-26 WAN1621

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