Tipperary Woman Banned From Owning Dogs Continues To Race Greyhounds.

A North Co. Tipperary woman, latter banned by Nenagh District Court on May 12th 2022 last, from owning dogs for 10 years, has continued to race greyhounds following a court ruling.

A comprehensive report has now been prepared for the Department of Agriculture in which Greyhound Racing Ireland (GRI)[Irish – Rásaíocht Con Éireann, latter formerly the Irish Greyhound Board], have outlined certain concerns regarding a possible breach of this 2022 existing court order, which was issued to Ms Michelle Connolly, Killard, Puckaun, Nenagh, Co Tipperary relating to her future ownership of dogs.

It was at Nenagh District Court that Ms Connolly had pleaded guilty to seven offences under the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013. Same guilty pleas related to three dogs, (two Maltese and a Poodle named Milly, Dolce, and Adam).
Judge Ms Elizabeth McGrath had forfeited the dogs to the care of the ISPCA and fined Ms Connolly a total of €2,000, plus ISPCA costs, and disqualified her from owning, keeping or breeding any dog for 10 years, (other than two Great Danes, she already held in her possession).
It was following a complaint, that the ISPCA had initially visited Ms Connolly’s property, on February 2nd 2019. The findings regarding the 3 animals, latter found located in a small cage behind a trailer at her property, were described by an ISPCA Inspector as being unacceptable. Photographic evidence showed one had red raw skin, another was considered underweight with matted hair and suffering a discharge, and a third dog had no hair on its tail and a portion of its hind quarters.

Greyhound Racing Ireland have now stated that following the court order, which issued back in May 2022; the case is now a matter for the courts in the context of any possible breach of the order previously issued.

Greyhound Racing Ireland have established there were no greyhounds in the immediate care of Ms Connolly, at her home, and that all greyhounds currently registered to her were with licenced trainers. The last registered activity of greyhounds, understood to be owned by Ms Connolly in Ireland, was last March, at Curraheen Park Greyhound Stadium, latter venue located in Bishopstown, West Co. Cork, when her greyhound ‘Paper Moon’ raced for the eighth time since her May 2022 court order.
Ms Connolly is also understood to have trialled ‘Hot Throttle’ at the same track, where the majority of her greyhound activity had taken place.
It was in the United Kingdom that Ms Connolly had entered into a collaboration with British champion greyhound trainer Mr Mark Wallis and her partner Mr Mike Davis in 2021.

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain is aware of Ms Connolly’s previous court conviction under the Animal Health and Welfare Act, handed out here in the Republic of Ireland and are understood to be involved in their own investigations.


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