Increase In Numbers Attending Hospitals With Respiratory Illnesses.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) have declared that the rise in respiratory illnesses are substantial, with pressure increasing on hospital beds across the country.

Week one of 2024, encountered 1,628 cases of flu, resulting in 414 patients being hospitalised. It is acknowledged that similar influenza activity will continue in an upward trend in the coming weeks.

Added to these above flu case numbers, there was also 1,200 cases of COVID-19, of which some 459 sufferers have been hospitalised; the highest number of COVID-19 cases identified since August of 2023.

The number of Respiratory Syncytial Virus cases, (RSV), have further increased to over 465, resulting in 147 patients admitted into our hospitals. This automatically follows greatly increased socialisation over the Christmas season, with the spread encouraged by the return by children at all school levels, and child care facilities.

The HSE is warning people who feel unwell to remain at home for up to 48 hours after their symptoms appear to decline or are over and done with, thus avoiding contact with other people, especially those who are vulnerable to Covid-19.

Those who are aged 65 or older, who are pregnant or have a serious medical condition, are urged to seek medical advice if their condition has not improved after a seven day period.


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