Wintery Feeling.

It is dark, cold, wet and windy here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary tonight, which leaves our community with that wintery feeling; which reminds me.

Wintery Feeling.

Vocals: Canadian singer of pop, country and adult contemporary music, Anne Murray(CC ONS) [Ordre du Canada/Ordre de la Nouvelle], latter who has sold over 55 million album copies worldwide, during her career.

Lyrics: American-Canadian musician and songwriter Jesse Winchester.

Wintery Feeling.

Look how the sky’s all silver, beautiful Montreal.
Out of the sky of silver, snowflakes begin to fall.
I sit by my window; I take my pen in hand.
If I sound a little wintry, you’ll have to understand.

So how is California? How is the weather there?
Where every day is sunny and where all the skies are fair.
Tell me, do you remember how once upon a time?
We’d sit and watch the snow fall, sharing a glass of wine.

Oh, that sad, old wintry feeling,
I don’t really seem to mind.
Sad, but sweet, old wintry feeling,
Oh, that wintry feeling, somehow it just seems to suit me fine.

If you are never cold love, then who’s going to keep you warm.
You’ll take the sun for granted love, if you run from every storm.
But Lord, me and this old guitar, we’ve seen a storm or two.
We’ve seen a million drifters, these snowflakes and you.

[Repeat Chorus]



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