Breaking News: Tipperary’s Dr. Robbie Ryan Listed For A World Einstein Award.

The World Einstein Award for Science, is an annual award given by the European Cultural Council, as a means of recognition and encouragement to those involved in scientific and technological research, with special recognition for researches, who bring both benefit and wellbeing to mankind.

Today, it has been announced that the well-known, Thurles, Co. Tipperary born scientist, Dr. Robbie Ryan, has been short listed for this prestigious award.

The rare hairy 10 legged Tipperary air-breathing arthropod.

We understand that Dr. Ryan has over the past 5 years, finally completed a series of experiments examining Tipperary Spiders. Today he published his findings, hypotheses and theories; based on his experiments, together with relevant lines of reasoning and evidence; all in an effort to further progress the field of Irish and Tipperary science.

In an interview with Dr. Ryan, just yesterday, Thurles.Info learned that one section of his experiments, using these air-breathing arthropods, involved putting a Spider on a laboratory bench in his Biology Laboratory, (Latter which deals with the form of living organisms, and with relationships between their structures), before requesting it, in a loud voice to jump. Having continued to scream at the arthropod for a few minutes, the spider appeared to understand and obliged, by jumping high.
Then Dr. Ryan amputated one of its hind legs and told it to jump again, and it did so almost immediately, but alas not as high as when first requested to do so.
Dr. Ryan did this again and again, each time amputating yet another leg, until all 8 legs were finally removed. Now, having removed all 8 legs, he asked the spider to jump yet again, but it just lay there, refusing to obey his every command.

Scientist Dr. Ryan, now has come to, what he believes is, an obvious conclusion, declaring that Spiders without their legs, automatically go deaf.

Dr. Ryan’s experiments are expected to continue up until March 2025, when he will offer himself to the Tipperary electorate as a Sinn Féin candidate, in the hope of gaining membership of the 34th Dáil; latter the lower house of Ireland’s parliament, namely the Oireachtas.
Dr. Ryan, if successful, is expected to be offered, by Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald, the Defence, Science and Technology portfolio.


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