A Song For A Sunday.

The phrase ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’; taken from William Shakespeare’s play Richard III, is widely used to label social and political unrest, as is witnessed at this sad time, particularly in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine and Russia.
The word ‘winter’ stands as a powerful metaphor for a bleak and discouraging interval currently being experienced; while the word ‘discontent’ suggests a sudden restlessness, which for many, was not bargained for, yet now is an emerging threat to the aspirations of those who long for world peace on this planet.

The song, with lyrics shown hereunder, clearly forms the opinion, “We’re fools to make war”, while hoping for future peace.

Lyrics: By British guitarist and singer-songwriter Mark Knopfler.

Vocals: Former British rock band formed in London in 1977, by the same Mark Knopfler, and more popularly known as ‘Dire Straits’.

Brothers In Arms.

These mist covered mountains,
Are a home now for me.
But my home is the lowlands,
And always will be.
Someday you’ll return,
To your valleys and your farms,
And you’ll no longer burn to be,
Brothers in arms.
Through these fields of destruction,
Baptisms of fire,
I’ve witnessed your suffering,
As the battle raged high.
And though they did hurt me so bad,
In the fear and alarm,
You did not desert me,
My brothers in arms.
There’s so many different worlds,
So many different suns,
And we have just one world,
But we live in different ones.
Now the sun’s gone to hell,
And the moon’s riding high,
Let me bid you farewell,
Every man has to die.
But it’s written in the starlight,
And every line in your palm,
We’re fools to make war,
On our brothers in arms.



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