Thurles Lidl Setting Environmental Standards.

Lidl the German international discount retail chain, headquartered in Neckarsulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which operates over 12,000 stores worldwide, one of which is here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary; will shortly unveil a welcome return to what was once an old habit in Thurles Town.

The multinational shopping chain is expected to shortly unveil the introduction of reverse vending machines. Here in Thurles, following completion of work currently in progress; bottles and cans regularly dumped in hedges, ditches, along road sides or thrown over garden walls will soon become valuable commodities.

Cans, dumped by careless individuals in Thurles, soon to be worth money.

Customers may deposit their empty plastic bottles and drink cans and receive voucher credits to spend in-store, with each bottle or can deposited, earning its owner, between 10 and 15 cent per item deposited.

So the wheel, once again, comes full circle, with this situation returning to what it was in the past; returning empties for cash deposits, thus helping to tidy up our town and country landscapes.

Our congratulations to Lidl on this major initiative, which requires huge investment to introduce.

However, one wonders are we now so wealthy as adult individuals; so as to bother with garnering loose change in the form of our island’s abundant, discarded matter?
Perhaps, as before, children will grab hold and take advantage of this initiative to increase their personal sweet purchasing power


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