Persons New To Thurles – Ignore Signposting.

So why, for the past 9 weeks, is the signpost offering directions to the town of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, pointing in the opposite direction; now today continuing to remain angled, pointing down towards Wolfe Tone Place, latter situated at the junction of Westgate and Liberty Square.

Yesterday, in a survey, we asked a few of the locals for their views on this nine week old phenomenon and were offered the following explanations:-

(1) It is an political effort by Fianna Fáil to highlight the annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration, due to take place on the Sunday nearest June 20th 2024, next year in Bodenstown graveyard, Co. Kildare; latter date in June the birthdate of Wolfe Tone, known as the Father of Republicanism.

(2) It’s an effort to avoid the multitude of potholes on every road driving into and driving out of Thurles.

(3) A concerted effort by those who consistently fail to attract tourism to Thurles, to delay visitors, by sending them up a short road that is blocked off at one end; better known by the French word ‘cul-de-sac’ or translated into English ‘bottom of the bag’.

(4) A deliberate attempt by public representatives, including TDs to increase their motor milage, when asked to attend meetings in Nenagh Co. Council offices and Dáil Éireann.

What do I think, you ask?
Well now that you do ask, and having viewed all the other signposts pointing in the wrong direction in Thurles, [e.g. to name but one, the Thurles carpark sign supposedly directing motorists to the new carpark off Liberty Square, ]; other issues, such as the weeds now growing actively up through our pavements; the state of our river Suir, and the overall dowdy appearance of what was once a hive of industry; I would put it down to simply just poor town administration.

Explain for what are we paying Property Tax annually?


2 comments to Persons New To Thurles – Ignore Signposting.

  • Katie

    George.I had to laugh at this one. I am often getting back after making a remark about something. Well, you are Irish, and so proud too is always my answer.

  • Katie

    George. I just could not believe what we watched last night about the Irish England. It was so sad to see so many men homeless and spending their time in pubs. Surprised too that a lot from Mayo.I believe a lot of factories and building sites closed down, I was of the understanding that the Irish Government send thousands of Irish Euro to these Irish Associations both here in Australia and all over England. George I will enquire about this, I know the one in Brisbane get something like $90.000 every financial year. Suppose to help expats Irish.? I have always been against this. Australia is a rich country and should not rely on Irish tax payers money. George we ran the Irish and Australia association for several years and never asked the Irish Tax payers for a cent. Why the Irish Government does not use this high amount of money for their own people and country is beyond believe..

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