Camera Drones Dangerous Nuisance In Inexperienced Hands.

Drone Invades Privacy Of Private Funerals At St. Patrick’s Graveyard, Thurles.

Dublin Airport drone incidents saw a number of incursions of drones into Irish airspace in early 2023, causing huge disruption to airport operations.

Today we read that owners of drones are being warned not to fly their devices close to livestock, particularly when same are located grazing in coastal areas, following the mysterious stampeding of 30 yearling bullocks over a cliff in west Co. Clare.
The herd of cattle in this case are believed to have been spooked by the continuous low humming sounds made by a low flying Drone, resulting in the animals stampeding over a steep cliff, close to Doonbeg village, Co. Clare, between July 9th and July 11th 2023.

Here in Thurles, in the recent past, a Drone complete with a 1080 HD camera was being used to invade the privacy of private funerals, happening here in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Moyne Road, Thurles.
We understand that Gardaí, aided by funeral attendees, quickly tracked down the owner of this device, leading to the temporary seizure of the apparatus, and the destruction of video footage in relation to at least one such videoed incident.

Local residents have expressed anger that Thurles Municipal District authorities are failing to introduce or indeed implement bye-laws, with regards to not just camera drone usage, but also the consumption of large amounts of alcohol and more recently the barbaric sacrifice of a gentle, harmless, trapped animal, all of which were permitted to occur in St. Patrick’s Graveyard, Thurles.


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