Clongour Road Jumps Ahead Of Kickham Street For Resurfacing.

Kickham Street mystified as to why Clongour Road Thurles, has jumped ahead, in relation to resurfacing requirements?

In a notice issued to all householders in the Clongour area, situated south of Thurles town, in the past few days, Tipperary County Council are advising that this area [L-4017] will be closed for resurfacing, with access only permitted to local residents.

Members of the Tipperary farming community attending Thurles Mart, should please take note.

Works, we are informed will commence, between Glasheen’s Pub and the Traffic Lights at Lidl, beginning on Monday May 15th, continuing until Wednesday May 17th inclusive, with contractors operating between the hours 7:00am and 7:00pm each day, during the estimated resurfacing time-frame.

This road surface had become seriously damaged by heavy machinery during the construction and installation of the town’s first set of traffic lights and the demolition of the Erin Foods factory and subsequent erection of the new building, now occupied by the German International discount retail chain ‘Lidl’; latter who operate over 12,000 stores across Europe.

Blocked drain & sunken footpath on Clongour Road, Thurles.

Hopefully a survey has been undertaken in advance of this now scheduled work on Clongour Road; noting that a blocked drain, first notified to Thurles Municipal District Council officials and local councillors in February 2022, still remains choked.

Here also exists a sunken footpath, close to the junction, where water gathers every time it rains. [See picture above]. Will this now be a case rather like St. Patrick’s cemetery where the road surface exists above the pavement, devoid of proper kerbing; the surface to be dug up later, wasting taxpayer’s valuable money? See Here.

Meanwhile, travelling south on Slievenamon road in Thurles, latter which converges west unto Clongour Road; same small carriageway stretch constructed and surfaced less than two year old on the N62; has already subsided. [See picture hereunder].

Collapsed new road surface on Slievenamon Road [N62] found close to Thurles traffic lights and the junction of Clongour Road.

Same road, Slievenamon Road, has already been repaired in relation to two other areas of subsidence, ignoring, for some reason, the pictured above three other areas of collapse, just a few meters from the repairs.

Details of the upgrade to Clongour Road was notified to Thurles.Info by Mr Joe MacGrath (Chief Executive of Tipperary County Council), through his Secretary Ms Evelyn Harty, and can be found published HERE.

The link to this post has been forwarded to Ms Sharon Scully (Thurles Municipal District Administrator) and Mr Joe MacGrath (Chief Executive, Tipperary Co. Co.).


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