St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Thurles, 2023 – Waste Of Taxpayer’s Money Continues.

Some weeks ago St. Patrick’s cemetery situated at Loughtagalla, Moyne Road, Thurles, received a badly needed tarmac upgrade, which we had highlighted HERE, back in mid-January of this year, 2023.

St. Patrick’s cemetery as viewed January 14th, 2023 last

While walkers now welcome the upgrade to the section of the grave yard which we highlighted, sadly once again those responsible for the command to ‘fix’, continued to waste taxpayer’s money, by laying Tarmac without laying the customary kerbing necessary to halt eventual ravelling.

The video above shows the failure to install concrete kerbing, before the Tarmac was laid. The result is that the sub base hardcore and Tarmac topping sits 4 inches above ground level, resulting in the edges already beginning to crack and ravel, as vehicles drive over the edges to park in the vacant spaces within the cemetery.

There was no excuse for this wanton waste, since most of the concrete kerbing was purchased many years ago and today lies unused, covered in grass and rubbish on site; slowly being stolen one or two at a time by individuals to use for other purposes in other places.

Sadly, also the Tarmac waste has been dumped on the grounds of the cemetery itself.
Local farmers would have been happy to take this lose Tarmac away, to use as foundation for gaps or field gateways, latter being churned up by regular heavy tractor traffic.


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