Thurles Taxpayers Tolerate Tipperary Co. Council’s Continuous Waste Of Finances

The picture, hereunder, highlights once again the waste tolerated by Thurles, Co. Tipperary taxpayers.

Recently the narrow roadway stretching from Butler Avenue unto Innisfallen Avenue, had a number of Flexbrite Flexible Bollards (each costing we understand €49.50 ex VAT) installed on the footpath on the aforementioned stretch of Roadway in recent months.
The reason for their installation possibly was to highlight the edge of the footpath and to avoid traffic mounting an area where pedestrians are fully entitled to walk.

Already, two of these Flexible Bollards on Innisfallen Avenue have been adjusted by heavy traffic and one signpost close to the junction of Bowes Corner on Butler Avenue.

The word “Flexible” [meaning capable of bending easily without breaking] appears to be false advertising by the manufactures, so let us get our money refunded

The word “Flexible” also meant absolutely nothing to the engineer or administrator who instructed same to be erected, at a cost of at least surely €I,000; including their installation.

Thankfully, no one was walking on the footpath when large vehicles traversing this area, collided with these bollards, in a bid to avoid a now choked Liberty Square town centre.

As for the bent road sign on Butler Avenue, near Bowes Corner, “Joe Soap Got It Right Again”, Read HERE.


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